Rules is an artist, DJ and producer who hails from Derby. He plays a variety of instruments. His sound is a unique blend of electronic production, warm synths and organic keys with saxophone.

The success of his productions and musical endeavors has allowed him to work with artists such as Michael Calfan Elderbrook The XX James Carter You can also find out more about the following: Sammy Porter. He’s recently launched into a solo career which has led to worldwide acclaim and a new audience for his lush, musical deep house which is perfect for Ibiza sunsets. Ahead of his new single “Call on Me” (Some Other Records) we caught up with the enigmatic and talented producer..

Check out “Call On Me” below

1. Hello Rules, please introduce yourself and your music for our audience.

I’m a dance music producer from the midlands, UK. I like to mix classic, deep house & disco with warm organic textures & sounds.

2. You’ve worked with a number of well established and respected artists as a producer/ instrumentalist. You must have spent a lot time in studios. Did you always intend to release your music, or was it something that came naturally?

I’ve always had a major love for house music but I feel like it took me some time to work out exactly what I wanted to do, and after working with a range of producers and artists on other projects that time allowed me to absorb a lot of different music and opened up a world of sound for me to create with. Without being cliche I love music that has a deep emotional or nostalgic connection, everyone has their favourite tracks that immediately uplift you and make you feel something, and I believe dance music can bring everyone into that same moment together and that’s where I ended up landing with Rules.

4. Tell us about the song Call on Me. How did you create it?

Call on Me is a very uplifting and feel-good record, but it feels like the opposite happened. You’d think I had created that track on an uplifting summer day in brightly lit studio, but I actually worked in a very dim London studio with no windows and black walls. The bright, warm sound of the record was probably due to my subconsciously channeling what I wanted to feel at that time. The initial hook was very quick to come together and I worked outwards.

5. The saxophone is a great solo! Is this sort of thing a consistent theme in your productions?

The original version didn’t actually have any saxophone recorded on it. It was a keys part that was playing that line, I added it later on in the studio and it just fit so well against the the track’s vibe. Saxophone is one of those instruments that you can really make sing and uplift a song and not being a singer myself I feel like it’s a big part of my voice as an artist so I like to use it for that really.

5. Are there any exciting events or shows you have planned for us this summer?

I’ve got a live show in the works which I’m currently working towards. I performed at Printworks London and Yonge-Dundas Square in Toronto last year, both in support of Deadmau5. Off the back of those sets I’ve really been wanting to build my DJ set out into more of a live show where I can incorporate keys, piano, saxophone etc as I feel like those parts are so integral to my sound and would make for such a more exciting show. Stay tuned for some dates that I’ll be announcing soon!

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