Over on X is a Twitter-like application. Elon Musk is well familiar with sharing memes that aren’t particularly funny, or may have once been somewhat amusing during an earlier internet age. He shared a picture of two people side-by-side yesterday (September 14, for example). the vintage Success Kid meme and a photo of Thanos, holding his fist up in a similar position, captioned, “Remember this kid? It’s him. Feel old yet?”

Some memes received laughing emoji replies from X users. Musk. He liked one of them so much that he re-shared it himself: A similar “Feel old yet?” side-by-side of Ice Cube and a glass of water. Ice Cube Musk took the opportunity to attack him and responded with his own meme, which featured a side by side comparison of the now former Twitter logo and an actual dumpster fire. It’s captioned, “Remember Twitter? It’s captioned, “Remember Twitter? [is] it now, feel stupid yet?”

Ice Cube isn’t the only musician to express criticism over how Musk is running X. Dionne Warwick was recently asked about Musk’s decision to remove the ability to block users on X and she responded, “I have yet to speak to that young man and I intend to because I am not quite sure what he’s doing or if he knows what he’s doing. So until that happens, I’ll reserve my answer to that question.”

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