PlayStation is no stranger ingenious marketing. Recently, I wrote about the stunning Live from PS5 campaign that has taken the gaming world by storm, which has seen a multitude of giant props and art installations from the world of PlayStation popping up all over the globe – from a giant console in Dubai to a 10-foot axe lodged into the streets of London. The HBO adaptation of The Last of Us just released another incredible stunt.

Today I was able to see the latest pop-up. It featured a gamer who died from the cordyceps disease while playing The Last of Us. (Terrible luck – I hope they at least got a decent PS5 deal).

The event design was perfect (Image credit: Abi Le Guilcher)

The pop-up will be held in Shoreditch (London), in the ruins of the victim’s bedroom. The room is littered with fungal growths, wrecked TVs – and even an overgrown PS5 console (although the console still seems to be working so it must be miraculously apocalypse proof).

The ceiling is covered in moss and clicker sounds echo from the background. This adds to the intense atmosphere. It’s incredibly detailed, with long, snaking fungus tendrils that pulse steadily and streams spitting smoke out of the crumbled ruins. Although it is quite disgusting to look at, you cannot deny how amazing the entire setup looks. Take a look at the images below.

PlayStation announced the event via the following tweet. This reminds passers-by that they should be careful in the quarantine zone, and to beware the gamer. It also gives details on where and when to catch the pop up. 

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In my previous article, I stated that I would like to see a huge DualSense Edge controller among the next statues. I still hope that will happen, but I’m not complaining about getting to hang out with a clicker for the afternoon (and, of course, I dressed up for the occasion – though this is optional). 

A photo of an individual dressed as Ellie from the Last of Us against an overgrown background

(Image credit: Abi Le Guilcher)

The pop-up is located at BOXPARK, Shoreditch, London and is open to the public until March 21st, open from 11am-7pm. 

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