Dezeen Showroom: Belgian flooring brand Modulyss Heritage Collection of tactile reflects on Flemish landscapes, identity and culture carpet tiles.

Ruben de Reu, product director of the company, designed the Heritage collection The five designs are all naturally textured and can be used separately or combined to create a striking floor plan.

Dune and Meadow Heritage Carpet Tiles are a reference to Flemish landscapes

The Polder pattern, inspired by Flanders low-lying farming areas, is the boldest.

Dune & Meadow both have a soft, organic feel, with a look based on grasses that sway in the breeze and sandy beaches.

The Cobbles pattern is said to be inspired by the “rhythmic clattering of bicycle wheels on cobblestones”. It has a mineral-like, speckled structure. Haze appears soft and smudged.

Heritage carpet tiles by Ruben De Reu for Modulyss
The Polder design has a striation that is reminiscent to farming fields

Heritage is a way to infuse the spirit of Flanders into your home, creating a lasting and powerful connection with our past, present and future. Modulyss.

Each Heritage design comes in a variety of muted colors. The collection is 100% recycled nylon Econyl and is Cradle to Cradle certified.

Product: Heritage
Designer: Ruben De Reu
Brand: Modulyss
Contact: [email protected]

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