Music is in its most powerful form when it comes from a REAL experience/place and that’s what makes TVKU’s (@tvkuthesag) story something you need to read to believe. In a recent interview, this was direct from the horse’s mouth:

Interviewer: “I heard your girlfriend cheated on you in the most horrific way. But what’s even crazier is how you FOUND OUT? Tell me how this all relates to your music”

TVKU: “I still remember watching my parents fight, throwing vicious punches at each other. My little brothers, who were not old enough to understand the situation, were standing beside me. My mom left the house, closed the door and never looked back. It’s heartbreaking, but my parents got divorced when I was 10 years old, and I feel like it hit my mom the worst.

I thought I didn’t care/it didn’t bother me, but growing older I realized that wasn’t the case. for some funny reason, I was ’empty’. As a person with a hollow heart, I felt nothing. To fill the emptiness, I listened to music.

After a while, and as I got older, I found a woman that I loved. And boy, was I in love! I thought ‘man, I’ve never felt like this before!’.

I received a phone call from her on Thursday night. It was 10.22 pm. This was odd because she usually slept during this time. I picked up the phone; it was an accidental ‘butt dial’.

On the other side I could hear her moaning. I heard her getting fucked right then and there by some random. She quickly realized the situation and hung-up.

It was worse. It went pitch black. Since this incident, I intentionally hurt (emotionally and psychologically) and scarred the majority of women who have entered my life.

I’m not perfect and I’m still trying to change. It’s a roller coaster of emotions you will guarantee to relate to through my work. My name is TVKU. Let’s TURN UP, Laugh, cry and grow together. fuck with me”

I believe that someone will definitely connect with his pain. Music that comes from rich, deep experiences is my favorite. You will be moved. I’ve heard his work and you most definitely be moved. His Instagram is, keep up with his life. I’ll say that he is an introvert. So, whatever he posts, please enjoy it!


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