Gucci Mane After the death his former 1017 Artist, he breaks his silence Enchanting.

On Tuesday (June Reports of 11th (and other reports) the rapper’s passing. “Lemonade” Artist took to Instagram When he hears the news, he expresses his sadness.

“So sad to have to say R.I.P to such a great young lady a true star we gone all miss you Chant @luvenchanting 😢 💔,” He wrote this alongside a picture of the rapper.

Earlier In the day Enchanting’s Sister revealed in the media Facebook The word “that” is a phrase that means, “that which”. Fort Worth, Texas The star was on life support Before sharing a series heartfelt messages pleading with her loved one’s recovery.

According You can also find out more about the following: The Shade RoomA representative of the rapper has revealed that “she came to my house the last four days to get clean. She tried her best and I did everything I could to help her, she tried.”

Friends Family members close to the singer confirmed her death as well. “They Pulled The Plug Bro This Shit So Fucked Up I Just Knew You was Finna Pull Threw [broken heart emoji] @luvenchanting You gone Forever Be Stop6 Princess & Kasino First Lady [slot machine emoji]” Written by Lil CJ Kasino You can also contact us via our website. Instagram.

The post continued: “They Don’t Know All Hours You Spent At The Kasino Studio Sleeping There Making Music Putting This Shit Together And You Went Way Further Than Us I Always Told You How Proud I Was Of You , You Brought @laflare1017 To The H66D & I was The First Person You Called Ill Never Forget You Kept It Solid Threw Yo Whole Career It Was None I Couldn’t call You for [tear emoji] , You Fucked The Gang Up With This One [broken heart emojis] #LongLiveBigChant.”

EnchantingWhen she died, she was 26 years old. Gucci’s Bring the crew back to 2020. According You can also find out more about the following: The Daily MailThe 26-year old was still riding 1017 in early 2024. Her latest project was a deluxe edition of her album from 2022. No Luv Title Love Scarred/ No Luv (DeluxeIt was dropped in February 2023.

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