The Genius Loci Maison Bernard Exhibition is taking over Maison Bernard The following are some examples of how to use Théoule-sur-Mer You can also find out more about us on our website. June 8 to 23. This A stunning residence designed by Hungarian The architect Antti Lovag The 1970s exhibition will include artworks from over 20 contemporary and modern designers and artists. The Exhibition includes commissions, installations and special projects that interact and enhance the unique spherical home and succulent gardens.

Highlights include works by Marcin Rusak, Safia Hijos. Xavier Veilhan. An Installing eco-friendly products Samuel Nguyen Students from Villa Arson The following are some examples of how to use Nice There will be a special feature on the upcoming symphony. Additionally, dancer and choreographer Némo Flouret The following are some examples of the use of “DANCE PARC: a Playground Project,” A performance intended to engage audiences. Lovag’s Architecture vision. Organized Partnering with the Maison Bernard Endowment Fund By and for the curator Marion VignalThe exhibition celebrates Lovag’s Design that emphasizes its harmony with nature, and creative freedom.

Maison BernardIt is a collaboration between Antti Lovag Industrialist Pierre BernardAccording to, the building was constructed in the 1970s. designboom. Located In the meantime, Estérel Massif With views of the MediterraneanThe house is known for the lack of straight angles and its flowing, ovoid forms, reflecting Lovag’s Belief in the ideal spherical shape for human habitation.

Maison Bernard
20 Av. de la Boussole 2
06590 Théoule-sur-Mer

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