Afterpay has pushed You can also find out more about the following: boundaries of Drop Culture beyond the niches of fashion and footwear. Partnering with Collé, the “Buy Now, Pay Later” platYou can also find out more about the following:m will release a limited run of exclusive lamps through Dropshop. “I normally never drop pieces like this or put out collections like this at all. It’s new for me to work within exclusive editions, but knowing that they also will be at a more affordable price point, especially with Afterpay being involved, is amazing,” Collé expressed.

Providing an inside look behind the design process of the Element Lamp, Collé walks us through certain material choices and how she blended her imaginative style The following are some examples of how to use an added edge for this project. The Lamp combines earthy textures and patterns, a nod to our connection with the natural world. Its Base is made of wood painted with a special edition Bondi Mint Tone created with Pantone, in a nod at Afterpay. The Hand-blown opal coloured glass is used to make the globe, which lights up. Metal embellishments complete the design.

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