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Most people forget that French Montana is Moroccan, even though he represents the Bronx.  But luckily for the people of Morocco, he has not and after the nation suffered a devastating earthquake earlier this week, the Boogie Down rapper reached deep into his pockets to help with the humanitarian crisis they’re currently suffering through.

According to ComplexFrench Montana set up a fund for his people in need overseas. He donated $100,000 to start the process and provide food, medicine and shelter to the people of Morocco. French hopes others will follow his lead, as a little help goes a very long way to help those in need.

Complex reports:

“I want to spread some love and light to Morocco they’ve been hit with a big earthquake,” Montana said. “I’m setting up an emergency fund with Global and I will be donating myself.”

The fund will help the most vulnerable groups, such as women, girls, youth and other disadvantaged groups. Donations will be used to provide immediate relief including food, water, shelter and medical assistance. Here is the link to donate.

The 6.8 magnitude earthquake that struck Morocco on Friday, 8 September left 2,901 dead and many more at least 10,000 missing. Britain, Spain and Qatar provide rescue teams for the Moroccan military. But the number of deaths is growing as the clock ticks down.

With French Montana spearheading the campaign, we can only hope that his celebrity peers lend a hand in the efforts to provide helps to the people of Morocco as it seems like they’re going to need plenty of it as they try to rebuild their home going forward.

French Montana deserves praise for undertaking such an endeavor.

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