1. Experimentation The following are some examples of how to get started: Personal Connection The following are some of the ways to get in touch with us: Place 

In This podcast, architect John Wardle Delves into his deep personal relationship with his Melbourne Home and its surroundings Throughout His career John He used his own work as a test bed to try out new ideas and details. His The home has been renovated multiple times, with each renovation incorporating new design principles and lessons learned.

Despite Unassuming appearance John His gaze was drawn towards him Kew The home is transformed by the integration of ancient elms into its design. These Personal experiences have enabled him to refine techniques, ideas and concepts that are then applied to other architectural projects.

2. Design Influences

John Reflections on his Unending curiosity and respect for spaces with character that evoke memories. His Design philosophy emphasizes the importance and ability of architecture to tell stories and reflect personal narratives. Wardle Inspiration for the design of the building comes from many sources. Louis KahnCelebrated in his Melbourne A home with a sculptural, corner window that is influenced by Kahn’s Fisher House.

3. Craftsmanship The following are some examples of how to get started: Material Innovation

Wardle’s His work is distinguished by an appreciation of traditional craftsmanship and raw materials. Collaborating We have a team of skilled artisans. John He pushes the limits of traditional crafts by integrating materials such as timber, wicker, and ceramics into unconventional ways to enhance his designs’ rich tactile quality. This The reflection of the world through His cladding is a board and batten system Kew The house mimics the rough texture and appearance of elm wood bark. Japanese Create bespoke ceramic tiles with tile makers.

This Interest in materiality “comes out of being a younger practice in those early years and making the most of rudimentary materials,” John reflects. “We have some projects we’ve used fabulously expensive materials, but that idea of invention and setting apart a conventional use of a well-known material has always been a fascination,” He affirms. 

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