You will see the products on a runway show being modified by the time they reach stores. Balenciaga‘s Super Destroyed Denim If you need reminding, it appears that the Demna-helmed House is still keen on throwing curveballs, as images of the “muddy” 3XL Trainer You can find it here surfaced online.

The same Instagram account that previewed the 3XL Mule earlier this week, we now get a closer look at the mud-covered sneaker that adorned many a model’s foot during Summer 2023‘s “The Mud Show.”

The runway was filled with models who walked in mud-slushy and then later drenched themselves in thick, earthy substances. It was time. Hypebeast visited Balenciaga’s showroom to see the collection in closer detail, the mud had hardened and locked into the shoe’s fibers.

Likewise, the commercially-available styles are given the same lightly-distressed look on the uppers, but now sport delicately-placed mud splatters on the mesh alongside the front section of the sole unit caked in “mud.” We say it in quotation marks because it is just an effect, dirtying up elements like the Balenciaga-branded toe bumper, sections of the outsole, but interestingly, not the laces that knot over and under the 3XL Trainer.

As we’ve come to learn from Balenciaga, treatments such as this do typically come at a premium. Thus, expect the muddy 3XL Trainer to cost more than the inaugural RRP of £830 GBP/$1,090 USD. Although no word has been given on when they will drop, the images suggest that they may be available in stores soon.

In other news: Vans has dropped a Gucci Vault “Continuum” collection That repurposes Gucci archives fabrics to create its signature footwear styles.

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