Feng Chen Wang The two have teamed up Nike They present their first collaborative collection, a sportswear-focused line that challenges preconceived notions.

The Chinese label’s signature overconstructed, and traditional-meets-sportswear design cues permeate the collection, with the pieces described as “highly functional mashups of disparate cultural and design elements” — serving to reinforce both parties’ commitment and experimentation for the future of sportswear and athletes.

The Transform Jacket is considered a hero piece of the collection that embodies Feng Chen Wang’s “to own less is to own more” mantra, as it features removable components which allow it to be worn in over 30 different ways.

“Like Nike, I aim to create more inclusive and sustainable products,” says Feng Chen Wang, elaborating how the pieces are all designed with inclusiveness and versatility in mind. The collection is intended to cater to everything, “Regardless of gender, age, body type, or what sports one likes to play, everyone can take pieces of a garment apart and combine them until a perfect match is found,” Feng notes.

Check out the collection.

Nike x Feng Chen Wang will be available in stores and online worldwide from September 28. Feng Chen Wang’s website, SNKRSSelect Nike Retailers

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