London-based designer FEBEN Making her mark in the London Fashion Week Schedule, which has become essential to her new routine. FEBEN, once again, was elected to the position of a BFC NEWGEN Recipient for 2023. Her intricate womenswear makes a statement.

The designer returned to London Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2024She continues to develop her design language, one step at a. The collection, titled “Temple,” was a sentimental tribute to vulnerability and desire, asking wearers to respect their anatomical home. FEBEN played on perception with warped lines that rebelled and distorted natural shapes.

The spiritual collection started as a single, skintight outfit that multiplied later to liberate the body from visual limitations. Tinted artwork took the shape of children’s hands, playfully smeared down delicate fabrics. Beaded dresses moved in a swaying motion, while ruffled fabrics clung to each other for dear life.

FEBEN’s menswear collection featured asymmetrical tops that were pulled to the side. These were contrasted with military-inspired uniforms, which had oversized belts and extended belts. FEBEN’s runway was a fantasy walk, with models wearing pointed-toe booties with slashed-sphere ornamentation.

Take a closer look at FEBEN’s SS24 collection in the gallery above, and stay tuned for more London Fashion Week coverage on Hypebeast.

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