Louise Burr No stranger to leadership, problem-solving or leadership. The busy mum Only one woman out of three graduated from the Civil Engineering program at the Australian Defence Force Academy In 2001, she won a prize for her thesis research on sustainable solutions to road problems.

LaterShe would be the first woman chief engineer in the Middle East The largest sponsoring region was followed by the second-largest Government Infrastructure project since World War I for II Australia’s The F-35 is a new fighter jet. Joint Strike Fighter.

But After a career of 25 years as an Air Force officer, who also happens to be an interiors addict, she turned her attention to solving an age old problem – watering houseplants.

Louise In her former military career

“I developed a love of plants throughout my twenties and thirties, but once I had children and a hectic work/life balance, caring for them became a real burden. The guesswork around over or underwatering led to many plant fails such as annoying puddles, dying plants and fungus gnat infestations.”

By She was now faced with a new problem. “Many of my plants were big and heavy. If I was short on time, I’d underwater them to avoid leaky messes. But, if I could manage it, I preferred to fully saturate them to ensure they thrived – but that meant moving them outside or to a sink,” She said

“However, carrying my plants was backbreaking, and then remembering to bring them inside once they’d stopped dripping was difficult with my busy schedule. Poor drainage, clogged drainage holes, vacuuming and floor stains were just a few of the other hassles. They were meant to bring me joy but wound up being a bit of a burden!”

After She found, after extensive research on the market, that most plant owners have similar frustrations. She She spent over a decade trying to find a plant pot that was free of mess and hassle. When no one else filled the gap, she created it herself.

PerkyPod has a unique drainage, filtration and water collection system. It’s the world’s first self-draining planter and is designed with aesthetics in mind so it will complement any décor.

Plant Owners don’t have to move their plants, as the excess water drains off into a water catcher drawer. This The drawer can be removed at any time to reuse the soil on another plant. This makes it impossible to overwater your plants, and creates a healthy ecosystem that allows for the plant to flourish. PerkyPod has optional wheels for moving large plants easily around the home.

Louise Working with industrial and interior designers, we created a winning product. Self-proclaimed nature lover, environmental responsibilities are at the heart of Louise’s creation. “I want to make indoor and outdoor plants accessible for everyone no matter their green thumb status, age, physical ability, busy-ness, or type of dwelling. Above all, I want to help people to stop killing their plants.”

Louise adds: “My military career showed me that the attention is always in the details, so I spent over three years undertaking extensive research and development to ensure PerkyPod would be stylish and functional. I have entirely boot-strapped this project and am so proud that PerkyPod is Australian made, manufactured in Sydney.”

PerkyPod has recycled composites and promotes water conservation. It prevents plants dying, reduces artificial plants, and is made with premium UV-stabilised, durable materials.

“PerkyPod will also make it much easier to grow your own herbs, fruit and vegetables. The wheels allow you to move plants to optimise the daily hours of sunshine, and no puddles means it’s easier to keep balconies tidy while complying with body corporate regulations by avoiding drips and overflow.”

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Photography: Megann Evans



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