Dezeen Showroom: British The brand new way to buy Nôsa Has launched a collection bathroom Earthy-coloured fittings that are designed to create a warm, welcoming atmosphere spa-like feel at home.

The Elements collection Includes a freestanding bathtub, countertop basin, and basin shelf. NôsaStone resin is a material.

The freestanding bath is a part of the bathroom. Elements Bathroom Collection

Nôsa says the collection is all about channelling the “raw beauty of organic natural elements” – the three available finishes are called Olive green, Mako Grey You can also find out more about the following: Graphite Grey The trees, rocks and oceans provide a wealth of information.

The brand aims to blend elegance, wellness and functionality with the collection, which can be completed with tapware and accessories from Nôsa’s wider range.

There is also a basin with a shelf.

2024 continues to see self-care and wellness as central aesthetic themes within contemporary bathroom design,” said Nôsa founder Mike Manders.

“Nôsa’s Elements collection immediately infuses richness into a space and can be paired with natural wood accents, premium hardware and layered textures to create an ambience and feeling of warmth.”

Product details:

Product: Elements
Brand: Nôsa
Contact: [email protected]

Material: Stone resin
Colours/finishes: Olive green, Mako Grey You can also find out more about the following: Graphite Grey
Dimensions: The varying.

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