Eyewear in mint green store Interiors in this ice-grey skincare clinic have a calming, soothing effect. lookbook The following are some examples of the use of monochromatic palettes.

Monochrome palettes are based on a single colour, but with variations of tones, shades, and tints in furniture, finishes, and other details.

The spaces below range from retail You can also find out more about the following: residential Interiors can be a mix of colours from dark brown to pink.

Dezeen’s archives provide visual inspiration for our latest lookbooks. See previous lookbooks for more inspiration basement apartments, lattice screens You can also find out more about the following: textural kitchens.

Photo by Salva López

Veja Madrid store, Spain, by Plantea Estudio

Plantea Estudio Veja Store in Madrid The studio left the shell bare and used earthen materials.

To create a space that is dominated with colour, we paired beige concrete benches with plastered walls. Original brick was also exposed to provide a slight contrast.

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Odami Aesop Los Angeles
Rafael Gamo

Aesop, USA, by Odami

The Toronto-based Odami studio has coated this minimalistic coat. Aesop Store in Los Angeles With a light green micro cement, the brown bottles of the brand are set off in a striking way.

The minty-green colour of the interior was inspired by the green valleys that surround the area. It covers the walls, the ceiling, the display stands, the central sink, and the velvet curtain.

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Pink interior of Moco shop in Barcelona, designed by Isern Serra and Six N. Five
The photo is by Salva López

Moco Museum retail space, Spain, by Isern Serra

An image created by computer artist Six N Five Translation by Design Studio Isern Serra This retail space is a great place to start. Barcelona, This is a museum that is part of the Moco Museum.

Six N Five has a reputation for pastel-hued designs. Isern Sarr made these concepts a reality using pink microcement to cover the interiors.

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PJ Lobster eyewear store in Barcelona by El Departamento
Photo by José Hevia

PJ Glasses, Spain, by El Departament0

This store sells glasses BarcelonaEl Departamento created a design that was intended to stimulate the eyes with different green shades.

El Departamento said to Dezeen that “the human eye can distinguish more shades of green than any colour.” This is because we are still prehistoric hunters deep within us.

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Mureli House in Kozyn, Ukraine, by Makhno Studio
Makhno Studio provided the photo.

Mureli House, Ukraine, by Makhno Studio 

Mureli House, completed before the Russian invasion. Ukraine Uses different textures and shapes in the same color to create an energetic yet calm space.

The only exception is the bathroom’s main shower, which has pink ombre-glass.

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Bao Restaurant Studio AC
Photo by Jeremie W. Warshafsky Photography

Bao Restaurant, Canada, by StudioAC

The store is located in a shopping center in Ontario, The Canadian firm that created this Chinese restaurant StudioAC To provide a dining and takeaway service with a distinct style.

The studio covered the interior of the store in a soft grey using micro cement, vinyl and stainless steel as a reaction to the location, leaving the exterior to blend in easily with nearby stores.

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Remedy Place wellness club
Remedy Place provided the photo.

Remedy Place, USA, by Remedy Place

Remedy Place used warm colours and soft furnishings to contrast the traditional medical facilities in this facility. wellness centre Find out more about the location of this property New York City.

Jonathan Leary, co-founder of this studio, said that the walls were covered with Venetian Plaster and the furniture was dark brown leather.

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AER Skinlab in Vancour features stalactite-like ceiling installation
Ema Peter

AER Skinlab, Canada, by Leckie Studio

Design by Leckie StudioThis skincare lab is located in Vancouver The image was of a quarry or cave.

In the hall adjacent to the reception, there were treatment rooms in light grey. A Tyvek installation that resembled stalactites, was installed to add more layers of grey to the cavernous area.

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The latest lookbook in the series provides visual inspiration from Dezeen archives. See previous lookbooks for more inspiration basement apartments, lattice screens You can also find out more about the following: textural kitchens.

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