Andy Fairhurst Returns from the harsh deserts of Arrakis A brand new print is available for Dune: Part Two!

Andy’s Print puts the spotlight on Paul AtreidesThe epic and overwhelming mission to save Dune His loved ones. Andy’s The clever title treatment is both a cool visual theme and demonstrates the vastness of our planet. Paul Must save. Andy’s Print also highlights the loneliness of Paul’s Quest as he maneuvers his way through the treacherous sides of a war.

Andy’s Purchase of print is available now Thursday Our homepage will update at 12pm on Thursday, 4/4.!

Dune: Part Two By: Andy Fairhurst
24 x36 inches
HandLimited edition 100 numbers

Dune: Part Two – Variant By: Andy Fairhurst
24 x36 inches
HandNumbered edition of 50

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