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Donald Glover Will be reprising his character as a young Lando, but it won’t be as a Disney+ series.

Lando Calrissian is back and his first adventure on the big-screen. Originally supposed to be a series on Disney+, Donald Glover’s Lando will be getting his own standalone Star Wars film, the actor’s young brother and longtime collaborator, Stephen revealed.

The Persistence of the Persistence of Persistence Vulture:

Donald Glover is taking Star Wars back to its home galaxy — the cinema. In an episode Pablo Torre Finds Out podcastStephen, Stephen’s younger brother, spilled a little tea in their shared room. Star Wars projectA spin-off of Lando Calrissian. The character was most recently embodied by Donald Glover in Solo, Disney, and Lucasfilms’ expensive box-office flop, taking the mantle from the original actor, Billy Dee Williams.

The Glovers have taken over the project that was originally directed by Dear White People writer-director Justin Simien. “It’s not even a show … the idea right now is to do a movie,” Glover told Torre during the podcast episode.

“Right now, because of the strike, it’s kind of like telephone, all of the information,” he continued. Initially this news seemed like a mistake, but the truth is that it was a very important announcement. Variety’s reportingLucasfilm confirmed that Stephen was telling truth.

Yes, to more Lando and to the movie being released in theaters. We hope it’s a much better movie than Solo: A Star Wars Story Because that flick was mid.

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