The launch of its L’Eau Papier eau de Toilette fragrance, French perfumier Diptyque The brand has returned to the Middle East with a travel objective in mind. Looking to Eastern sand dunes, the brand pulls inspiration from the region’s traditional odors and angelic landscapes for its new Middle East collection.

The two-part fragrance pack features Diptyque’s Eau Nabati Eau de Parfum and Eau Rihla Eau de Parfum, mutually enriched with local aromas attached to Arabian culture. The brand’s Eau Nabati Eau de Parfum mirrors a spiritual garden oasis. The fragrance is inspired by poolside getaways with vibrant vegetation. Its interior label has earthenware tile. Fresh bergamot notes, zesty petitegrain and delicate flowers are the top notes in this fragrance. A warm amber base is reminiscent of deserts with sun.

Eau Rihla Eau de parfum will bring out the adventurer within you. The leathery, spicy fragrance transports its wearer to an Arabian market. The scent is a blend of iris and vanilla with saffron, atlas cedar and pink peppercorn.

Diptyque’s new Middle East Collection is available to shop now in-store and online via the brand’s website.

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