Dezeen’s team reports from the 18th annual international architecture biennale in VeniceThe curated list Lesley Lokko. Throughout the day, we will exclusively reveal national pavilions.

9am Venice time Dezeen’s editor Tom Ravenscroft, architecture editor Lizzie Crook Digital editor Rupert Bickersteth There are many people on the ground who can help you. Venice Reporting from the 18th architecture biennale A collection of works by Scottish-Ghanaian academic, novelist and architect Lesley Lokko The theme The Laboratory of the Future is presented below.

Lokko made a statement that said “Africa is a laboratory for the future”. We are the world’s youngest continent, with an average age half that of Europe and the United States, and a decade younger than Asia.

We are the fastest urbanising continent in the world. Our population is growing at almost 4% per annum. This rapid, unplanned and largely uncontrolled growth has a negative impact on the local ecosystems and environment.

Architects translate images into reality.

But hope is a valuable currency. She continued, “To be hopeful is human.” “The vision for a modern, inclusive, and diverse society is appealing and seductive, but as long it is an image, it will remain a mirage. It is not enough to simply represent images. Architects are historically the key players who have translated them into reality.

“We envision our exhibition as an extended workshop where architects, practitioners, and creatives from across a broad field of disciplines will draw on examples from their practices in order to create a path that the audience can weave, imagining what the future may hold.”

Lesley Lokko: curator of Venice’s 18th architecture Biennale

Before the vernissage (pre-opening) begins tomorrow – ahead of opening to the public on Saturday 20 May – remind yourself what happened at the 17th biennale in 2021.

Here’s a round-up ten of the best pavilions The exhibition was curated that year by Lebanese academic and architect, Dr. Samir Abou-Salam. Hashim Sarkis on the theme “How will we live together?”.

The Spanish architect and educator, as well as critics and theorists, will attend the 2021 Biennale. Rafael Moneo Awarded the Golden Lion The late modernist architect was awarded the Special Golden Lion in Memoriam for Lifetime Contribution and Lifetime Achievement. Lina Bo Bardi.

Portrait of Lina Bo Bardi
The 17th Architecture Biennale, held in Venice in 2021, awarded Lina Bo Bardi (b. 1914), a Brazilian architect of Italian descent who was a modernist and a Brazilian-born architect.

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