The The semester is now officially over. Projects have been graded and grades submitted. I am taking a small break before my study-abroad to Italy. Though It is my first time teaching students. I have traveled abroad. They They are all excited which makes me feel a bit nervous but all of it is part of the experience.

Teaching College-aged students can bring with them a variety of colorful and interesting moments and conversations. The Casual conversations can make even the most memorable moments more special.

At We talk for a few minutes at the beginning of each class. It’s called “storytime.” SometimesThe students will often be ready to talk; other times, they may remain quiet. Some Classes develop a close relationship and are willing to take risks together with banter and wit. Other The classes are reserved and cautious. Even In those classes though, there are always a few who are eager to engage in lively discussions and share their knowledge.

Aside My favorite moments with the class are the ones where we talk about the creative process. This Conversations from the first semester brought out many unique phrases and comments. My The students who I work with are often happy to give me content for my letters. Anything shared in storytime is confidential (I am sworn to secrecy)—unless they share something that threatens their well-being or the well-being of others. HoweverMy students love to read about quotable or quirky things that come up. Instagram.

Here This is a list of my favourite quotes from the past year. Some You will need context in order to fully understand the significance of these questions. I will do my best to provide this without compromising any confidentiality shared with you during class.

Early In the middle of the semester, I had a class that was struggling. The The response was hard and sweet. Several It was a show of affection that brought out some endearing performances. quote Below is a list of all the below. Alyssa Holder (left): “The ignorance of others should never be your burden to bear.” It was a beautiful, wise and affirming statement. What A beautiful and rich conversation that I had with a student was also a result of this rough patch.

The Introduction The following are some of the ways to get in touch with us: Graphic Design class was small—there were only five of us, including myself. The The comments are funny, odd and bizarre. This was prompted by a conversation about tomatoes quote By: Meme Banks (right): “A tomato is natural ketchup.”

One One of the most hilarious moments was when I saw one of my friends laughing at me. Typography Students can learn about class by clicking here. Jonathan McFarlanne innocently told us of his acquaintance. Mr. Ricky, He has a lot of influence in town. We started teasing about the possible ramifications—think of mob movies. The The more he explained the joke, the less he appeared to understand it. We I laughed so hard that I told him to letter it. He When I emailed him the photo, he was thrilled to see it. Some Students downloaded it as their computer wallpaper.

After This student also said that the conversation was about: “We should have a pocket Alma.” “I wrote it immediately down.

Conversations About parents is always mentioned. The story of their parents using the App Life This 360 degree camera can be intrusive quote By: Evan Sayre (left). Our Sometimes the classroom smells of gas, because the outside also smells of gas. One The day was so intense it was brought up in class. Meme Banks We had a classroom with a “designated smell” (right).

The Next is by Taylor Schilling, In response to a class joke, who said: “I like my dignity where it is.” The context is not clear, but I remember that we couldn’t help laughing. That same day, Meme Banks provided another gem—more laughter. Kayla Jackson This quote is immediately available: “Embrace your coolness, Taylor.”

Sometimes, we critique in a room filled with laughter. That is one of my favourite times. This The quote below is by Evan Sayre. He I wanted to share the lettering with you. It It is part of an ongoing joke between friends. It goes: “I am not here with you; you are here with me.” The Quotes from the Movie The Watchmen. In The final story time is a great way to end the show. Alyssa Holder Shared how much she enjoyed swimming at the apartment complex pool. “Why am I so gorgeous?” We All broke out into laughter.

Last Not least, I looked for something to draw on Saturday. I asked for my family to tell me something “stupid.” My My husband suggested that I write exactly what he said, so I did.

My Students can learn more about the program by clicking here. Evan SayreIt was a pleasure to have you on my blog. “Life is like a sandwich. No matter which way you flip it, bread comes first.” If You know the author? Please let me (I tried searching for the source and found only memes).

Comment shared by Evan Sayre. Lettered by © Alma Hoffmann, 2024.
Comment Shared by Evan Sayre. Lettered by © Alma Hoffmann, 2024.

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