Daria Zinovatnaya

Daria Zinovatnaya A young Ukrainian interior and industrial designer designer. She graduated from the Academy of Architecture and received her Master’s Degree in Town Planning. She is currently based in Saint Petersburg.

Her unique concepts and combination of bold colors with clean geometric shapes are starting to be recognized. Daria has a knack for creating extraordinary artwork. design projects vibrant artworks.

Style for Work

Daria draws inspiration from the amazing Bauhaus movement, the world’s first design school founded by German architect Walter Gropius. The Bauhaus was probably the most influential architectural movement in the 20th century, and Daria’s work is its comprehensive study.

She is an expert in the harmony of shapes and colors. It is the unique combination of pure geometry and unique execution that makes her work stand out. Her starting point is to look at the whole space and not just the details. After doing so, she moves further to the palette choice – a process for which she takes her time to experiment. She will finally start to play with objects and forms in order to achieve harmony and balance.

Her style is reminiscent of big names like Le CorbusierMatisse, and Charlotte PerriandAlthough her work is all modern, each piece stands out for its unique design.

Daria Zinovatnaya has experience in both commercial and residential design. In 2017, Zinovatnaya won the Red Dot Award, an internationally renowned design competition. She is featured in some of the world’s most influential design magazines, including AD, Casa Vogue Ell Decor and Grazia to name a few.

NFT Drops on Foundation.

Daria Zinovatnaya launched a drop on the Foundation.App  with the title Tuya, a digital art work about color combinations, composition and love. Go here to learn more about it >


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