After Launching her BRAT album Last week Charli XCX The deluxe edition is titled Brat There are three songs more, so it is not the same. As The deluxe edition, as its name suggests, adds an additional three songs to the tracklist. The The new edition of the book was teased by a TikTok video showing the BRAT Mural in Bushwick, Brooklyn Being painted over with the album cover.

While The majority of BRAT While the original track is more serious and introspective, its new tracks are fun, club-oriented and are more in line.

All Three tracks teased by the artist “Spring Breakers” generating anticipation due to Charli’s Boiler Room set. The The deluxe track begins with “Hello goodbye,” This book chronicles the awkward nature of having a love crush. If “Hello goodbye” Next track: shies from confronting an aspiring lover “Guess” The lyrics are unabashedly flirty and suggestive, with words like “You wanna guess the colour of my underwear. You wanna know what I got going on down there.” The The deluxe edition ends with “Spring Breakers” The song encourages you to go buck wild by incorporating lyrics that channel chaos and the energy of A24’s 2012 film with the same title. Florida energy.

Brat This release was greeted with much fanfare, and also received a positive critical reception. Charli XCX is one of the most influential tastemakers in the hyperpop/dance genre. She’s “your favorite reference baby.”

Stream Brat The song is the same as before, but now there are three new songs. Everywhere now

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