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Although the chief executive officers have many duties, the most significant is being the face and voice of the corporation. It’s a position that requires a special type of person: someone with the charisma to inspire, the knowledge to execute, and the vision to see what doesn’t exist. Mark Savage, also known as Mark Sanders Jr., is this person. Lyrically adept, intelligent, and headstrong, he’s been killing the music scene since his debut single, “Currency” dropped in 2016.

Royalty Entertainment

He’s done everything from rap, produces, ghostwriting, and selling merchandise and real estate, etc. Rather than use the mic to get money, he’d rather build a legacy for his son and your sons and daughters. Royalty Entertainment LLC was founded by Mark Savage in support of his Brother DJ King. DJ King was a strong force in the Carolinas so Savage felt it was his duty and obligation to get his Brother to where he needed to be. “Nobody did it alone,” says CEO Mark Savage. “I’ve done what I wanted to do. Created a catalog and network from music that not only I can benefit from, but my son also”. Savage said he knows how to play his position and that’s what makes him stand out. It’s no secret why the 30-year-old entrepreneur has accomplished so much.

Inspired Mark’s success with rappers like Nipsey Hussle prompted him to expand and dive into real estate. Durr Capital Group, and then his retail line, Bag Chasers Apparel. Mark’s next venture, Only TreesThis is his first foray into marijuana. Released in Colorado in 2022, it’s another link in the chain of businesses he’s building. He states: “Royalty Entertainment will be another staple in the music, I’m in my executive bag. Not with a rapper but with the best DJ in the country, DJ King”.

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