Affordable Kitchen cabinetry with a local tale

Affordable Kitchen cabinetry with a local tale

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kaboodle kitchen craft high quality, affordable cabinetry with facilities both internationally and right here in Australia. And They’re proud of the local facility they have in Somerton, VictoriaThey can customise joinery to create designer-style kitchens, laundry rooms, home offices and bedrooms.

Through Kaboodle, the DIY design and installation company, encourages everyday. Australians Renovations can be affordable and help you realize your dreams. Their First, Melbourne The facility was opened in 2010 and a new purpose-built facility will be built in 2016. Paving Their state-of-the art facility allows them the ability to customize the widths and doors of their cabinets.

“We identified that Australian kitchens are all unique, but often need one or two customised cabinets to get a perfect fit,” The following is a list of words that begin with the word “you” John Harrison, kaboodle marketing manager. “By starting with our modular, off the shelf range in set sizes, consumers can cleverly combine our locally customised cabinets to get the best of both worlds. The result? A high quality, designer-look kitchen for a fraction of the price – like this nordic Charme kitchen!” (as seen above).

“While much of our product is sourced globally, allowing for the best quality in raw materials, scale and value, it’s on local ground that we offer a more tailored, personalised range in a variety of colourways and materials.”

Take Check out the video.

Local facility of kaboodle in Melbourne There are two main functions of the e-commerce platform:

  1. Taking Melamine board is available in a wide range of colours, and can be cut to size and edged at local level.
  2. Customising Raw-board doors, panels and other products are sourced globally and wrapped locally in premium thermoformed vinyl finishes.

The The local kaboodle collection includes the latest melamine and thermoformed Vinyl finishes, in colourways that are on-trend. All with the affordability, convenience and speed you’d expect from a DIY-friendly range.

So How is the program customisable created? Kaboodle uses state-of-the art machinery to meet all customisation requirements. All The facility is a cutting and edging shop for melamine.

Stylish The profiles, which come in many colours, as well as the doors and panels of their thermoformed collection are sprayed and dried on racks. Doors The panels are cleaned and then placed on the press, and vinyl is pulled out and pressed. Customisable widths All melamine and thermoformed door profiles are available with a modern profile. They Before sending their products to customers, trim, sort and clean them. Australian State-based warehouse network.

As One of Australia The following are some examples of how to get started: New Zealand’s The largest national supplier of kitchen cabinetry is also aware of its environmental impact and has taken steps to reduce it. building a better tomorrow, with an emphasis on local manufacturing and support for local jobs.

“We’re proud to employ over 50 Victorians at this facility to bring the very best in value and customisation to life. It’s this continuous local investment in people that really does make it all possible,” The following is a list of words that begin with the word “you” John.

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An Ode The following are some of the ways to get in touch with us: Gio PontiThe 1920s Apartment You can also find out more about the following: Milan You can also read about how to get in touch with us. David/Nicolas.

An Ode The following are some of the ways to get in touch with us: Gio PontiThe 1920s Apartment You can also find out more about the following: Milan You can also read about how to get in touch with us. David/Nicolas.

David Nicolas Casa Fantasia Milano Photo Sara Magni Yellowtrace 02

David Nicolas Casa Fantasia Milano Photo Sara Magni Yellowtrace 05


Refurbishing A property designed by a famous architect and then redesigned again by another architect can scare the best of architects. But The following are some of the ways to get in touch with us. Lebanese design duo David Raffoul You can also find out more about the following: Nicolas Moussallem Named after their practice David/NicolasIt seems that they are immune to this anxiety, as their latest project, a apartment in, demonstrates. Milan dubbed Casa You can also read about the differences between Fantasia. Not Only was the Haussmannian Art DecoThe home was built in 1923 and designed by Mario BorgaroIt was renovated by Gio Ponti Nineteen years later, we’re still here. And When it came time to stamp their mark on the project David You can also find out more about the following: Nicolas Were fearless. Yes, we honored the past. But, we also created a legacy for future generations.

By Investment banker Michele MarocchinoThe property was acquired after it had been lost. Pontian Thank you for the hallmarks Michele’s Previous auctions of wall panels Mellotti Tiles and furnishings a few years ago But It was a novelty to see an empty shell. Michele, who saw it as a canvas for experimentation—not just by anybody, mind you. He Specifically had in mind David You can also find out more about the following: Nicolas, whom he met through a friend he shared a year earlier. “It was an informal encounter, and we had no idea that he would call us to collaborate on this exceptional project a year later,” David recalls. But Michele did. Enlist But not before he shows them his brilliant Casa You can also read about the differences between Fantasia Archive of photos, anecdotes, and tidbits about the historic structure.

Whimsical Renovation of a Milan Apartment by Marcante-Testa.

Designed around a central courtyard, the architecture studio have brought the very feel of nature itself into this Milan apartment…


David Nicolas Casa Fantasia Milano Photo Sara Magni Yellowtrace 08


David Nicolas Casa Fantasia Milano Photo Sara Magni Yellowtrace 07


David Nicolas Casa Fantasia Milano Photo Sara Magni Yellowtrace 06

David Nicolas Casa Fantasia Milano Photo Sara Magni Yellowtrace 09


The project started small. “We were initially meant to create a boiserie for the two famous rooms: The Studio and The Dressing, as Michele had seen our boiserie systems before. Then, over time, while looking into the research and the data we had, we decided together with the client that it would be wiser to work on all the spaces and reimagine what was once the playground of Gio Ponti,” avers Nicolas, adding that it was both an honour and a challenge. “We needed to understand the whole vision of Ponti, not just the space, but also the meaning behind everything he had done there, why he thought that way and what were his intentions. We wanted to give it a new soul while respecting its heritage.”

Rue Du Bac Apartment in Paris by Rodolphe Parente.

Neither loud nor muted, the home features outré pieces that are both bizarre and beautiful. “We used the client’s existing collection to develop…


David Nicolas Casa Fantasia Milano Photo Sara Magni Yellowtrace 01


Still, this was easier said than done. Because there was one question that plagued the partners time and time again: how can we add our own identity without taking away from Gio Ponti’s? The answer, it turned out, was reimagining the past à la Ponti, but with a David/Nicolas flair. And so, previously removed rooms were recreated. Original proportions were reinstated. Even Ponti’s use of radica wood was reinterpreted in the way of marquetry, its movement informed by the original.

David and Nicolas like to think that Ponti always intended for this project to be an experiment that straddled decades, and that he would be happy with the end result. But the pair still contemplates certain questions: “Can collaborations exist in different times? Can a space be torn apart and pieced back together? Is it possible that the timeless work of Gio Ponti transcends the material itself and still makes sense with another interpretation? Can different identities create a harmonious space?” The answer to every question, of course, is yes. Evidently, in this home, there’s room for Ponti, David and Nicolas, and all the designers and denizens in between.

Orsonero Coffee at Meta Milan by David/Nicolas.

With dark wood panelling and an array of light batons, the Lebanese design duo devised a vibrant cocoon within for the pioneering coffee…




[Images courtesy of David/Nicolas. Photography by Sara Magni.]


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Two The interiors of this duplex side-by-side are stunning.

Two The interiors of this duplex side-by-side are stunning.

Sharing The design of residential duplexes can often be very traditional. They are often built in a block with the same layout. But Sometimes, two homes with the same layout can look very different. Expert Renovators Kyal and Kara Demmrich have achieved this with their latest project – Bay BuildsLocated on NSW’s Central Coast.

The The design of the duplex has mirrored images on both sides, allowing for the former to be able to live in both houses. Blockheads The company’s signature coastal style includes helical staircases and is available in a variety of interior styles.

House 1 living/dining
House 2 living/dining
House 1 entry

Each The couple designed the houses. Etchells Building Design You can also find out more about the following: built by Kyal’s Diverse Design and ConstructThree bedrooms, two bathrooms, a media room and an office are all included in this 350-square-metre home.

“Situated on the southern aspect of the block, House 1 leans into a light, refined, French-inspired elegant interior scheme,” The following are some of the ways to get in touch with each other Kara. “Travertine, French render and champagne metallic accents adorn each space. House 2, on the northern aspect of the block, is moody, and rustic. Warm micro-cement, aged American Oak and Vancouver natural stone deliver a coastal Spanish interior.”

House 1 kitchen
House 2 kitchen

To Ensure that the homes are not only attractive, but comfortable and able to stand up against the everyday wear and tear of family life. Kyal You can also find out more about the following: Kara Needed a solution with benefits of impact and sound resistance. “On the walls, we used Gyprock Plus plasterboard which features optimised core technology, making it stronger and lighter and perfect for high traffic areas,” The following are some of the ways to get in touch with each other Kara, “I love the part of the building process when we’re putting up the Gyprock as it’s when the fun part of the building starts.”

Kyal You can also find out more about the following: Kara

While The property is spacious, but still feels relaxed and comfortable enough for a family to live in. Curved Geometry defines the interior space and creates a natural, organic feeling throughout the house. Statement Architectural features are used throughout the interior, in a palette that includes fresh whites and creams, and contrasted with bold furnishings. Floor to ceiling sliding doors and windows allow natural light to flood into the living space below, maximizing the connection to the outdoor area.

To The curves are a great way to add interest in your kitchen and master bedroom. Kyal You can also find out more about the following: Kara You can use Gyprock Flexible. The 6.5 mm thick plasterboard has an enhanced gypsum-core that can bend. It allows for the creation of curved walls or ceilings, as well as adding visual interest. 

As well as being a stunning feature you can see from the different living spaces, the curved helical stairs provide a design link to the curved walls found in each home. “We’ve used curves as a design element and we wanted to add that architectural feature in the master bedrooms,” The following are some of the ways to get in touch with each other Kyal. “The curved wall that leads from the entrance of the bedroom really softens the look of the space and feels luxurious and has made it one of our favourite rooms.”

Bedroom The 3rd in both house 1 and 2

The The bathroom is a great example of how to use different textures in similar colours to create a space that’s both interesting and powerful. Gyprock’s Aquachek The base of the design is plasterboard. Its moisture and humidity resistance makes it ideal for wet areas. Curved finger tiles and tactile accents set the scene.  

House 1 main bathroom
House Media room 2

For more on Gyprock | For more on Bay Builds

Photography: Grace Picot

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Engineer mum designs clever new houseplant pots

Engineer mum designs clever new houseplant pots

Louise Burr No stranger to leadership, problem-solving or leadership. The busy mum Only one woman out of three graduated from the Civil Engineering program at the Australian Defence Force Academy In 2001, she won a prize for her thesis research on sustainable solutions to road problems.

LaterShe would be the first woman chief engineer in the Middle East The largest sponsoring region was followed by the second-largest Government Infrastructure project since World War I for II Australia’s The F-35 is a new fighter jet. Joint Strike Fighter.

But After a career of 25 years as an Air Force officer, who also happens to be an interiors addict, she turned her attention to solving an age old problem – watering houseplants.

Louise In her former military career

“I developed a love of plants throughout my twenties and thirties, but once I had children and a hectic work/life balance, caring for them became a real burden. The guesswork around over or underwatering led to many plant fails such as annoying puddles, dying plants and fungus gnat infestations.”

By She was now faced with a new problem. “Many of my plants were big and heavy. If I was short on time, I’d underwater them to avoid leaky messes. But, if I could manage it, I preferred to fully saturate them to ensure they thrived – but that meant moving them outside or to a sink,” She said

“However, carrying my plants was backbreaking, and then remembering to bring them inside once they’d stopped dripping was difficult with my busy schedule. Poor drainage, clogged drainage holes, vacuuming and floor stains were just a few of the other hassles. They were meant to bring me joy but wound up being a bit of a burden!”

After She found, after extensive research on the market, that most plant owners have similar frustrations. She She spent over a decade trying to find a plant pot that was free of mess and hassle. When no one else filled the gap, she created it herself.

PerkyPod has a unique drainage, filtration and water collection system. It’s the world’s first self-draining planter and is designed with aesthetics in mind so it will complement any décor.

Plant Owners don’t have to move their plants, as the excess water drains off into a water catcher drawer. This The drawer can be removed at any time to reuse the soil on another plant. This makes it impossible to overwater your plants, and creates a healthy ecosystem that allows for the plant to flourish. PerkyPod has optional wheels for moving large plants easily around the home.

Louise Working with industrial and interior designers, we created a winning product. Self-proclaimed nature lover, environmental responsibilities are at the heart of Louise’s creation. “I want to make indoor and outdoor plants accessible for everyone no matter their green thumb status, age, physical ability, busy-ness, or type of dwelling. Above all, I want to help people to stop killing their plants.”

Louise adds: “My military career showed me that the attention is always in the details, so I spent over three years undertaking extensive research and development to ensure PerkyPod would be stylish and functional. I have entirely boot-strapped this project and am so proud that PerkyPod is Australian made, manufactured in Sydney.”

PerkyPod has recycled composites and promotes water conservation. It prevents plants dying, reduces artificial plants, and is made with premium UV-stabilised, durable materials.

“PerkyPod will also make it much easier to grow your own herbs, fruit and vegetables. The wheels allow you to move plants to optimise the daily hours of sunshine, and no puddles means it’s easier to keep balconies tidy while complying with body corporate regulations by avoiding drips and overflow.”

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Photography: Megann Evans



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New Porcelain product disrupts the engineered stone market

New Porcelain product disrupts the engineered stone market

Sponsored By: Smartstone

The Creation of Smartstone’s The new way to buy? Sintered Collection The opportunity to present a benchtop with a higher aesthetic than the engineered options was exciting, according to the managing director Belinda Kelaher. Made It is 100% natural and known to be a quality product.

Bellini Bianco

Smartstone Officially launched its Sintered Collection The following are some examples of how to use MarchA new porcelain range which redefines surface aesthetics and performance. This continues the 21 years of innovation by the brand. Created through an advanced ‘sintering’ process, the collection elevates the qualities of traditional porcelain to an entirely new level by delivering superior durability, advanced manufacturing capabilities and enhanced natural-stone aesthetics.

“The porcelain category does not fall within the government’s definition of engineered stone and is excluded from the ban,” The following are some of the ways to get in touch with each other Belinda. “As porcelain can only be fabricated with water, it eliminates the risk of dry-cutting. Both porcelain and sintered stone products are fully compliant with the new government legislation.”

She According to the report, consumers are more willing to experiment with bolder patterns and colours when renovating. The The kitchen benchtop can be a great way to differentiate your home. It is a place where you can showcase the best of what is available. 

Calacatta Lusso

Being a porcelain product, Smartstone’s The new way to buy? Sintered Collection, with 22 designs (and two more in progress), is excluded from the definition of ‘engineered stone’ under WorkSafe guidelines. Unlike It is made of 100% natural materials and contains no resins or metal compounds as binders.

Belinda Says printing technology has advanced so much that the product is as good as natural stone and often at a lower price. “Sintered stone is a really durable and beautiful alternative. The clarity and depth of the vein designs are incomparable – sophisticated and realistic.”

Smartstone It was the first company in the country that created a “full-bodied” The edges of a product that has veining running all the way through are more impressive. “It gives the surfaces the authentic and realistic look of natural stone.”

Feedback Interior designers and architects have reacted positively to the new colours and bolder veins. The Calacatta Viola Design based on the Italian A marble base with dramatic veins of grape-purple on a light white background is the clear favourite.

Calacatta Viola

To Produced by Smartstone’s innovative porcelain, the ‘sintering’ process replicates millions of years of the earth’s metamorphic processes by combining advanced technology with natural fusion techniques. Intense Heat and enormous pressure (30 tons) combine natural minerals into a compact, durable material that performs exceptionally well during fabrication and installation.

In Sintered products can be used in trade with safety. You can only get it by clicking here It’s impossible to choose to cut corners when using a blade that is wet.

Other The material is heat resistant and can therefore be used as a fireplace surround. Because It does not expand or contract with heat or cold because it contains no resin. Of It can also be used in the outdoors. And You can use it for sinks, furniture, wall claddings and much more. It It is UV-stable and has no porosity.

“Unlike some of the other new product out there as alternatives to engineered stone since the ban (which comes into effect on 1 July 2024) which are in some ways unproven, porcelain has already been proven to perform for many years,” Belinda notes.

Pietra Scuro

There There are three different pricing categories. PureThe most affordable range of products, to Classic The following are some examples of how to get started: DeluxeThe quality of each stone is determined by its complexity. Every Surfaces are of the same premium quality. From TestSafe is NATA certified and tests surfaces from benchtops, bathroom vanities, fireplaces, and furniture. Australia Highly resistant to stains. Heat, chemicals, chips and scratches.

While You can also find out more about the following: Sintered Collection This exciting new range of products maintains all the qualities and values that have made the brand so trusted. Smartstone Has been a renowned brand since 2002. And Belinda Notes that customers who have engineered stone products installed in their homes need not worry that they are unsafe. Their warranties are still valid and they can be contacted at any time for advice.

The New ranges continue Smartstone With a jumbo rectified slab of 3200mm by 1600mm x20mm, you can enjoy the luxury of stone surfaces.

The Sintered Collection You can view it on the new Smartstone website Where can you order samples?

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It’s Get 20% off your next flooring purchase at Kustom Timber

It’s Get 20% off your next flooring purchase at Kustom Timber

Sponsored You can also read about how to get in touch with us. Kustom Timber

Kustom Timber’s end of financial year sale is here, so there’s never been a better time to upgrade your flooring! Get 20% off the full retail price* of their Habitat, Peninsula, Immerse. Como Cork ranges and products Harvest You can also find out more about the following: Artisan ranges. Swing You can also read about how to get in touch with us. their showroomsrequest a sampleSend them your plans, and they will help you find the perfect floor. Need Some ideas? Check Below you can find some of the best-selling books from this year.

Beach House

Keen Bring some coastal charm to your home? Beach House With its sun-kissed Oak, medium-brushed surface, and distinct knots, this wood embodies warmth, lightness, and comfort.


Light Grey timber with cool undertones of blue offers a modern, clean look with a touch of moodiness. It’s The perfect balance of calming serenity with contemporary flair.


Add Add some natural beauty to any space with Calypso. Featuring It has a clean appearance with warm undertones of pink. This gives it a subtle character and depth that will suit any design style.


With It’s cool and clean European Oak with grey and blue tones. Alta Make any room feel sophisticated and charming.

Request your free samples now and get started!

Or get in touch Discuss your project.

Sale Ends 30 June Do not miss 2024.

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