15+ Best Logo Design Books, Courses, & Tutorials for Beginners

15+ Best Logo Design Books, Courses, & Tutorials for Beginners

Only the best logo designers can survive in this highly competitive field. You have to learn the art of logo design from the very best if you want to become one.

Whether you’re just getting started in logo design or an experienced logo designer, there’s always something new you can learn from other more successful designers.

You can learn new skills and techniques by using logo design courses, books, and tutorials. trendsGain deeper insight from veterans.

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We’ve selected some of the best books about logo design, as well as courses and tutorials for you to get a head start on your learning journey. Click on the links to start exploring.

Best Logo Design Books

The best way to learn about the technical aspects of logo design is through books. The majority of these books contain valuable insights and cases studies that can teach all types logo designers. Here are some books to help you get started.

Paul Rand: Inspiration & Process in Design

paul rand

Paul Rand has been called the father of modern design. He’s a legend among designers for creating iconic logos for brands such as IBM, UPS, and ABC.

This book features a collection of essays, interviews, and early sketches of Rand’s works. It’s a treasure trove of valuable insights you can explore to understand what goes into the thinking process and designing iconic logos like Paul Rand.

Principles of Logo Design

If you’re new to logo design or want to understand the technical side of crafting logo symbols, icons, and shapes, this book is the best place to start.

The Principles of Logo Design covers everything, from basic principles to the advanced techniques that designers use to create memorable logos. You will be guided through the entire process, from sketching to grids, tracing and fine-tuning.

Logos that Last

logos that last

Few have perfected the art of designing timeless logos over decades. Many brands redesign their logos frequently, but some still use the original logos that they designed at the start of the business.

This book explores some of the iconic brand cases to examine the concepts and techniques that the designers have employed to craft these iconic logos. Simply put, this book will show you the process behind such great logos to help you design “logos that last”.

Logo Design Love

logo design love

David Airey, a professional logo and brand identity creator, shares his experiences and valuable lessons in Logo Design Love. It’s quite a popular book among designers as well.

David uses case studies in this book to demonstrate the design process. Also, he offers more than 30 design tips. This is a book that’s useful to both beginning and expert logo designers.



Symbols are an integral part of every logo. Each logo contains some type of symbolism which represents the mission or industry behind the brand.

This book will help you to understand the meanings of each symbol, and how to better incorporate them into your design. The book is full of symbols that are organized by visual type, with captions and descriptions. It’s a must-read for logo and brand identity designers.

Square Circle Triangle

square circle triangle

This book explores the concept of Bruno Munari, a legendary Italian designer. Munari shows in the book how the shapes of the square, circle and triangle contribute to every design.

It’s an eye-opening book that will allow you to see the world of design from a new perspective. This book is not only valuable for logo designers but also all other designers and artist types.

Thinking with Type

think with type

Every designer should start by learning about typography. The foundation of your creations is built on learning about font formats and style sheets.

The book Thinking with Type will help you to use typography more effectively.

Book of Branding

book of branding

Logo design is a small part of the brand identity. Understanding how it fits into the big picture of a brand’s visual identity is key to finding the right concept for a logo design.

Book of Branding helps you to understand the role of logos in the branding process. It also explains the steps involved in creating a brand’s visual identity.

Best Logo Design Courses

Online courses are more effective than other media. You can learn specific logo design elements and understand them better with the help of an organized structure. Start by taking these courses.

Logo Design: From Concept to Presentation

Logo Design From Concept to Presentation

This course will be taught by a veteran graphic designer named Sagi Haiv, who is employed at an agency which handles the branding of big companies, such as NBC National Geographic, Animal Planet, and National Geographic.

This course contains 16 lessons which cover the whole process of creating a logo from conception to presentation. The course includes downloads and practical exercises.

Logo Design 01

Logo Design 01

The course is taught by the Emmy-award winning designer Chris Do. It covers the basics of logo design and provides all the details you’ll need to create a better workflow as a logo designer.

This course contains more than six hours of video covering logo design, logotypes and presentations. It also includes Adobe Illustrator shortcuts.

Typographic Logos

Typographic Logos

Typographic logos have become a popular trend in logo design. Type-based logos can be found on everything from T-shirts to packaging, labels and more.

This course packs all the lessons and details you’ll need to know to start making professional typography logos on your own.

Logo Design with Draplin

Logo Design with Draplin

Aaron Draplin is an icon in the world of graphic design, he’s well-known for his US postal stamp design with the star ribbon logo. In this course, you will learn the fundamentals of logo design from Draplin.

The course includes 10 short videos that explain the secrets to shape, type, and color.

Hand-Drawn Branding: Design Original Logos

Hand-Drawn Branding Design Original Logos

If you’re a designer who prefers a more hands-on approach to designing logos, you will surely appreciate the contents of this course. This course comes from another industry veteran, Jon Contino who’s worked with big brands like Hulu, Coca-Cola, Nike, AT&T, and more.

This course contains 16 lessons that will help you create original logos using a hand-drawn method. You will gain a great deal of knowledge about how Contino creates logo designs.

Free Logo Design Tutorials

If you’re interested in learning cool new techniques and methods related to logo design, these free logo design tutorials are for you.

How to Design a Logo for Beginners

How to Design a Logo for Beginners

Daniel Walter Scott is an Adobe Certified Trainer who shows you in this YouTube tutorial for beginners how to create a logo. In the 28-minute tutorial, you’ll learn the process and workflow of creating logos with very simple and step-by-step instructions.

Create a Vector Logo from a Sketch

Create a Vector Logo from a Sketch HD

This free tutorial will teach you how to transform your basic logo sketches from pencil into a digital format with Adobe Illustrator. When it comes to creating logo concepts, many designers like to use sketchpads or pencils. Sometimes, clients will send you sketches that you can work with. This tutorial is very useful in those situations.

13 Golden Rules Of Logo Design

13 Golden Rules Of Logo Design

When creating a new logo, there are a lot of things to take into consideration. You should make sure that your logo is readable in print as well as digital formats. Make sure that the colors work well on all platforms. In this tutorial, you’ll learn 13 of those golden rules you should follow when creating logos.

13 Advanced Logo Design Techniques

13 Advanced Logo Design Techniques

This tutorial will help you improve your logo design skills. It contains 13 advanced techniques to help you create more complex designs for logos with less effort.

How To Design A Logo Using The Grid Method

How To Design A Logo Using The Grid Method

Geometric logos are very popular with traditional and large brands. This tutorial will demonstrate how to create them using the Grid Method. It’s a simple tutorial you can use to learn the basics and experiment with.

You can also read our conclusion.

Here are a few books and courses that we recommend. You can use them to start exploring new possibilities. You can go further by watching and reading more courses.

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Dezeen Agenda features Lina Ghotmeh's timber Serpentine Pavilion

Dezeen Agenda features Lina Ghotmeh's timber Serpentine Pavilion

You can also find out more about the following: latest edition Dezeen Agenda Weekly Newsletter Features the unveiling of this year’s Serpentine Pavilion created by Lina Ghotmeh. Subscribe to Dezeen Agenda now.

This year’s Serpentine Pavilion Lebanese architect designed the building Ghotmeh London. The circular timber structure named À table is located in LondonThe Kensington Gardens was created as a place for celebration and discussion.

Philippe Starck Ecuador skyscraper
Philippe Starck unveils design for Ecuadorian skyscraper

This week’s Newsletter also includes Philippe Starck’s plans for a residential skyscraper in Ecuador, Dezeen and Samsung’s launch of the Re:Create Design Challenge You can also find out more about the following: five buildings created in memory of Ethiopia’s former prime minister by Studio Other Spaces.

Dezeen Agenda

Dezeen Agenda This newsletter is sent out every Tuesday and contains the top news stories from Dezeen. Read the latest edition of Dezeen Agenda The following are some examples of how to use subscribe here.

Subscribe to our newsletter Please see our other newsletters. Dezeen Debate Every Thursday, the most popular stories and comments from readers are sent to you. Dezeen Daily Our daily bulletin contains all stories that were published during the last 24 hours. Dezeen In Depth It isEvery last Friday in the month, we host a free event. The major stories that shaped architecture, design and more. 

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Snow Peak Launches Land-Nest Capsule

Snow Peak Launches Land-Nest Capsule

Nigita is a new outdoor brand. Snow PeakThe Land Nest capsule is designed to be suitable for beginner campers.

The latest tent and tarp range from the brand fuses camping passion with elevated modern touches. The modular Land Nest Medium Tent Tarp Set is a four-person set that is designed to be modular. This combination includes a tent as well as a tarp. It is designed with enough space to sleep and relax. The tent also features an inner tent and a flysheet that has universal door openings.

A solo inner tent, a mat set and a sheet set are also included in the capsule. This lineup, which is both functional and ventilated, comes in a shade of natural light soil. Check out the gallery to see the latest product.

Ranging in price from $204.95 USD for the mat and sheet set to $864.95 USD for the medium tent tarp set, Snow Peak’s Land Nest Capsule is available now online.

Also, Moshe Safdie’s Habitat 67 is fully realized in Unreal Engine. 

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The internet is awestruck by a clever optical illusion advertisement in a newspaper

The internet is awestruck by a clever optical illusion advertisement in a newspaper

Despite the fact that many people believe print is in decline, there are still plenty of examples of analogue design genius. This example has been making the rounds on Reddit and it is still blowing people’s minds. It’s an ad and an optical illusion in one – what’s not to like?

The 3D kitchen is hidden in the monochrome of what appears to be a typical newspaper ad. This clever design, created by Felipe Salazar for Centro Corona, was so innovative that we should start creating a kitchen-shaped room in our best of list. print ads All time. 

Newspaper hides 3d printed kitchen in add The following is a list of the most recent and relevant articles. r/DesignPorn

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Ikra Arshad Adds Graphic and Pastel Stamp to Art Pod During Residence

Ikra Arshad Adds Graphic and Pastel Stamp to Art Pod During Residence

Every year, East Quay Enlisting an artist to their Pod 5 Artist Residency, which invites a creator to live and transform a tiny living space named Pod 5 located in Watchet in West Somerset in the United Kingdom. They chose a London-based artist for 2023. Ikra ArshadShe will stay in the space for two full weeks, and leave her mark. Arshad’s playful style combines pastels and monochrome with geometric patterns to create a vibrant, energetic feeling.

She chose orange to represent the Somerset clay and pink, lavender, and green to honor the notable sunsets and local vegetation. The pastel colors are rounded out with graphic elements such as black and white stripes and black geometric shapes. Also, the bedding features a white/black grid. This space has a calming yet bold aesthetic.

small space interior with pastel wall art and black and white details

small space interior with pastel wall art and black and white details

The mezzanine is turned into “The Dreaming Room” as a relaxing space for visitors to ideate and reflect.

small space interior loft with pastel wall art and black and white details

Arshad says: “As the sun rises and sets on the harbor, the mural and shelf objects will change and shift in its appearance, acting as a prominent sundial throughout the day whilst people experience the artworks. The immersive artworks will act as a creative intervention, sparking the viewer’s curiosity and a fresh perspective of seeing the world.”

small space interior loft with pastel wall art and black and white details

small space interior with pastel wall art and black and white details

The elevated pod sits on top of the East Quay Building, with a view over the Bristol Channel. This is a stunning location. Arshad also led creative workshops for the local community during her two-week residence, including toddlers and adults.

small space interior with pastel wall art and black and white details

small space interior with pastel wall art and black and white details

East Quay was opened in Watchet in 2021. It is a hub of creativity, activity and education, featuring galleries, artist studios and educational spaces, as well as a print shop, paper mill and restaurant. There are also five accommodation pods in total, including Pod 5

small space interior with pastel wall art and black and white details

small kitchen interior with lavender and white checked walls

angled view of small kitchen with lavender and white checkered walls and small bar

small kitchen interior with one wall in purple and white checkered design and one with two tone green triangle

closeup of small kitchen interior wall with two tone green triangle

closeup view of white wall shelf in kitchen holding dishes

exterior view of elevated living pod

angled view of door exterior of elevated living pod

angled view of door exterior of elevated living pod

side view of woman in black painting stripes on wall

George Harwood Smith Photo of Ikra Arshad, artist Ikra painting an art pod

angled interior view of small bedroom with graffiti art on walls

Above: Interior of the art pod created by Bristol artist Andy Council. Photo: Joseph Horton

Want to call Pod 5You can choose from any of our four pods to make your home for a few days or a longer stay. They can be booked here.

Jesse Wild, except where otherwise noted.

Caroline Williamson, Editor-in chief of Design Milk. She holds a BFA from SCAD in photography and is often found looking for vintage items, doing New York Times puzzles with pen or editing Spotify playlists.

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Apple Announces Mental-Health Tools to Log Your Daily State of Mind

Apple Announces Mental-Health Tools to Log Your Daily State of Mind

Images via Apple


Giving is not enough users more opportunities to express themselves with customizable ‘Contact Posters’, Apple is also inviting them to get in touch with their feelings. Alongside the new digital Journal Announced at WWDC 2023Cupertino’s tech giant has also released new features for mental health to help people understand themselves.


The Health app Apple will also include mental health resources as it acknowledges the importance of mental well-being as much as physical fitness.

In the Health app for iOS 17 and iPadOS 17, and the Mindfulness app in watchOS 10, users can easily document their current emotions by scrolling through morphing shapes to describe their moods, which range from ‘Very Pleasant’ to ‘Very Unpleasant’. Tapping further within, they can also choose associations that most affect their feelings, like ‘Travel’ or ‘Family’.


Images via Apple


These new Health can provide users with valuable insights into their mental health by determining if factors such as sleep or exercise, and associations, like those of their peers, influence their mental state. They will be able to better manage their overall wellbeing.


Video Apple

Apple Watch – What’s New? users can discreetly log their state of mind via the Mindfulness app by twisting the Digital Crown, which would cycle them through the same multidimensional shapes to best identify what they’re dealing with at the time.


 Video Apple


The company quotes research confirming that reflecting on one’s state of mind can improve emotional awareness and strength.

“Identifying our feelings has been shown to help us manage difficult emotions, appreciate positive moments, and improve wellbeing,” says Dr Michelle Craske, an esteemed professor of psychology and psychiatry at UCLA, in the press release.

Then there’s the Apple also adds standardized depression and anxious assessments to the Health App. Apple’s Health app now includes standardized depression and anxiety assessments. Users can download the PDFs of the evaluations to be connected to mental health resources.

At the same, Apple reassures users that the features—which are “grounded in science”—are also “built with privacy at the core.”

“When iPhone and iPad are locked… all health and fitness data in the Health app—other than Medical ID—is encrypted on device,” Apple elaborates. “Additionally, health data synced to iCloud is encrypted both in transit and on Apple servers.”

Apple reiterates that the data stored in the Health app is never shared with third parties without the owner’s explicit permission.


New software is available Updates, which are currently in beta version, will be available to the general public by this fall.




[via MobiHealthNews and Mashable, videos and images via Apple]

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