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It’s been nearly 15 years since Snoop made an appearance on Martha Stewart’s cooking show in 2008 to make mashed potatoes. 

Next year, Doggfather was back again. The Martha Stewart Show to make brownies, and he joked with the lifestyle maven about the “most important part” of the recipe. 

The chemistry was instant between the legendary hip-hop artist and the former lifestyle model who has now become a fashion icon. Since then, they’ve been working together in commercials, television specials and other media. 

As Stewart is the eldest female model ever to grace the runway. Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue (and Looking Good Too) The People magazine created Here’s a timeline of our favorite besties. 

Snoop & Martha Meet in 2008 The Martha Stewart Show

“What an odd couple we were,” Stewart remarked Years later, during a 2019 NBC News interview About their first meeting. In that same interview, Snoop added that “cooking with Martha just seemed like the right space to be in.”

Snoop Returns to Bake Brownies in December 2009

They joked about an ingredient that was missing, which everyone seemed to know. They even made the brownies green for the “environment.” 

The rapper continued to tweet pictures of his appearances on the show, including one on May 8, 2013, when he added, “Ayo @marthastewart watchu bakn !!” 

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