The third stop on Beyoncé’s RENAISSANCE World Tour The show will take place tomorrow (17 May) in Cardiff, following the two energetic performances that took place earlier in this month in Stockholm and Brussels. Arguably one of the funniest moments to unfold at the latter show was when the “Upgrade U” singer’s long-time security guard, Julius, got even more attention than the Queen herself from fans. Bey watched the hilarious moment from above on stage. She smiled as her employee reacted awkwardly to the Hive chanting his name.

Elsewhere during her lengthy setlist, the mother of three took a moment to show gratitude to an audience member who revealed that this is her 35th Beyoncé concert. In a video that’s since been making rounds online, the vocalist temporarily pauses dancing to acknowledge the audience member. She mouthed the words ‘thirty-five’ along with some hand gestures to ensure she got the message right. Even with her top-tier celebrity status, Beyoncé was obviously shocked by the news. She blew the concert patron a kiss before mouthing the words, “Thank you,” more than likely making their night.

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Queen B is in Awe of the BeyHive’s Most Dedicated

When sharing the sweet exchange on Twitter, the fan wrote, “BEYONCÉ THANK YOU AGAIN. Thank you to the person sitting next to me for filming this. Bey showed me love the second time she saw me. Thankful for all the shows, travels, and moments with her.” As it turns out, they have no plans of stopping at 35. The Houston native will be performing again very soon. “See you next week Bey,” they teased.

Affording one RENAISSANCE World Tour tickets are impressive, but two shows in your diary is even more so. As we reported previously, the LEMONADE Hitmaker can make over $2 billion in ticket sales You’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of this program all by yourself in the coming months. Don’t forget to check back with HNHH later this week for more updates from Beyoncé and your other favourite celebrities.

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