kurimanzutto Just launched the first solo exhibition of Mexican designer and artist Barbara Sánchez-Kane New York is titled New Lexicons of Embodiment. In this exhibit, Sánchez-Kane explores the intersection of fashion and art, focusing on how clothing shapes our identity and self-expression.

Sánchez-Kane, who goes by she and he pronouns, deconstructs and reimagines traditional identities through her clothing and sculptures. The exhibit features her latest fashion collection in a pop-up shop at the gallery’s entrance, offering a glimpse into her creative journey. The main exhibition features sculptures inspired from a 1920s style guide. They are then transformed into abstract fabric landscapes, challenging our perceptions.

“Mutant clothes as an act of resistance against evolutionary biology: a wardrobe for misfits in which all that is functionless and discarded finds its place. Clothes that are less functional. Shoes for a slow and painful walk towards a new beauty. Clothes to be less productive. Suits not suitable for work. A perfect wardrobe for making life more complicated,” said the artist in an interview with Luis Felipe Fabre for the gallery.

Through repeated patterns with variations, Sánchez-Kane creates “wearable” sculptures, blurring the line between fashion and art. Her hanging sculptures made of aluminum are based on mannequins. The sculptures feature adaptable bodies that have been distorted. Altogether, Sánchez-Kane uses art to critique aspects of the fashion industry, such as standardized body sizes and fast fashion, while fashion serves as a canvas for her creative expression. Her work challenges norms and beauty standard, while also raising questions about the power dynamics of the fashion industry.

New Lexicons of Embodiment The exhibition will run until October 21. Visit the website to find out more. kurimanzutto’s website.

520 West 20th St.
New York, NY

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