The house in Chile is built around a patio. It subtly combines exposed concrete and travertine.

The house in Chile is built around a patio. It subtly combines exposed concrete and travertine.

 ‘patio House’ by mathias klotz 


‘Patio House’ is part of a group of three houses located on the Chilean slopes Cerro Manquehue, in the Lo Curro area. Mathias Klotz, an architect, was invited to complete this project. He centered the design around a patio. The structure was then extended across the landscaped area as a harmonious pairing of exposed and covered. concrete  travertine stone. The Moreover, property holds generous openings across its facades to match the picturesque setting ahead and unfolds into ‘There are many spaces. [that] could be added or subtracted from the total, operating some large sliding doors,’ writes Klotz

all images © Roland Halbe, courtesy of Mathias Klotz



Program-wise, architect Main spaces were located on one floor, with a garage and machine area on the ground. The house’s most distinctive feature is the patio. It houses an outdoor kitchen, fireplace and fish pond, which creates a peaceful atmosphere. A rooftop boasts a garden and a pool that takes advantage of the slope which runs along two axes. Moving indoors, ‘the windows in the living-dining area are completely displaced, leaving a spatial continuity that allows the house to be inhabited as a continuous terrace, where the boundary between the inside and the outside becomes blurred,’ He adds.


Last but not least, the house’s materiality splits into two main categories: exposed concrete across ceilings and walls and travertine stone cladding the indoor and outdoor floor surfaces. Adding a touch of warmth to the otherwise gray-toned backdrop of ‘Patio House’, wood appears as a complement material in doors, furniture, and book library.

centered around a patio, this house in chile subtly meshes exposed concrete with travertine
‘Patio House’ frames generous views of the setting ahead

centered around a patio, this house in chile subtly meshes exposed concrete with travertine
This house is part of a trio of houses located on the cerro fehlenhue chilean hills.

centered around a patio, this house in chile subtly meshes exposed concrete with travertine
The design should be centered around a patio.

centered around a patio, this house in chile subtly meshes exposed concrete with travertine
A fish pond brings calmness and peace to outdoor spaces

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Take a Look Inside Art Gallery of NSW's Sydney Modern Project Expansion

The Art Gallery of New South Wales Officially, the city entered a new era with the opening of the Pritzker Prize-winning architects’ Sydney Modern Project expansion. Kazuyo Sejima Ryue Nishizawa This is SANAA It was the first time that this had been done. The museum was named the most important cultural development in Sydney for nearly 50 years. It is also the largest partnership between government and philanthropic artists with $344 million in total funding. Fully powered by renewable energy, it’s also the first public art museum on the continent to achieve a 6-star Green Star design rating.

“It has been a wonderful honor to design such an important public building in Sydney. We worked closely with the Art Gallery of New South Wales team to create an art museum building that blends in with its surroundings. It should be harmonious with the park, the harbor, and the surrounding area. We hope it will be a special place where visitors feel connected to art wherever they are in this beautiful setting,” said the SANAA principals Sejima and Nishizawa in a joint statement.

The new structure consists of two buildings linked by a public garden that overlooks Sydney Harbour. The Tank is an adaptive space that repurposes a Second World War Naval Fuel Bunker, as well as a gallery without columns and one for time-based arts. The architectural features integrate into the natural surroundings. They include three limestone-clad pavilions that face the harbor, 250ms of rammed Earth wall made with materials from New South Wales, and 3,400m2 of roof terraces. The original building has also been revitalized by Australian architectural firm Tonkin Zulaikha Greer (TZG) with the addition of the country’s first children’s art library.

“Central to every decision made in the development and design of this project and at the heart of the NSW Government’s investment has been an unwavering focus on supporting access to art of a world-leading standard, education opportunity without limit and community enrichment with a tangible benefit,” says NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet.

The Art Gallery of NSW has been reopened and features works by over 900 artists from around the globe.

Art Gallery of New South Wales
Art Gallery Rd.
Sydney NSW 2000

In other news take a look inside the “SLAM JAM – NIKE AIR FORCE 1” exhibition.

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MoneyBagg Yo Gets Raunchy and Talks About Having A ‘Quickie’  In His New Music Video

MoneyBagg Yo Gets Raunchy and Talks About Having A ‘Quickie’ In His New Music Video

Moneybagg Yo taps into his sensual side with his new music video for his latest single, “Quickie.”

The Memphis rapper, cast under a cool blue spotlight, recalls having some x-rated moments together with a former lover as he trekked through the pitfalls and joys of love. Moneybagg Yo invites viewers into his world of unending cash flow and beautiful women as well as luxury cars and fine jewelry.

“That lil’ p*ssy got some power, I can’t lie, it got me weak, oh/Fresh up out the shower, she look good enough to eat,” he raps. “That lil’ p*ssy got some tricks, grip my d*ck when it squeeze/Ooh, them quickies, be the best, got my Amiris to my knees.”

He continues: “Came from different planets, then, one day, we intertwined/ We relate on different levels, we got compatible signs.”

The rapper previously appeared on the CMG compilation Gangsta Art. One of his songs. “Big League,” The official song for the 2022 NBA Finals was chosen by Yo Gotti, Mozzy and Lil Poppa. Gotti made the announcement via twitter in June.

You can check out the video “Quickie” above.

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Lil Mosey’s Rape Trial Delayed Until 2023

Lil Mosey’s Rape Trial Delayed Until 2023

Lil Mosey, along with two co-defendants, must wait until 2023 before they can be tried. rape Washington


According to The Chronicle, Lil Mosey’s trial was rescheduled to February 5, 2023. The proceedings were originally scheduled to start on December 12.

After having issues with witnesses, the prosecution asked for the delay. After having issues with witnesses, the defense agreed to move next year’s trial.

“Certain witnesses have provided information that was not known to the state throughout the pendency of this case until recently,” Lewis County Prosecutor Jonathan Meyer wrote. “And the state has not had sufficient time to look into the statements.”

Lil Mosey’s trial was originally supposed to start in July. The defense attorneys requested a delay for scheduling conflicts this summer.

Prosecutors say Lil Mosey and 2 other men raped a female at a party in Jan 2020. According to police, the victim claimed she was unable to speak after drinking alcohol at a Randle, Washington party.

The 20-year-old rapper and a 19-year-old man named Francisco Prater allegedly had sex with the woman “while she was incapable of consent by reason of being physically helpless or mentally incapacitated.” Prosecutors claim a 20-year-old man named Joshua Darrow restrained the woman during the incident.

Lil Mosey – whose real name was Lathan Moses echols – pleaded not guilty for second-degree sexual assault.

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Remembering: Mike Dring

Remembering: Mike Dring

Mike Dring, the gallerist and curator behind Bristol’s Art-El GalleryLast week, the beloved, passed away. The Bristol-native was a staunch advocate of the arts and artists in an age when money was more important than ever. He worked with several of the key figures loosely associated with the city’s graffiti scene including Rowdy, Acerone Mr Jago They made sure they had someone to help them as street art became increasingly popular. The latter remembers Mike as “always being there for encouragement…and for drinking a few ciders”.

Mike was 23 when he was in a traffic accident. This caused permanent paralysis from his upper chest down. It was difficult and frustrating to learn how to cope with tetraplegia, even with Stef’s constant support. But it’s a testament to the respect and affection he engendered in others that between 2009 and 2011, friends and artists gave their time and effort to ‘Get Dring Mobile’.  A total of £75,000 was raised through a host of fundraising efforts, including a live painting and art auction night, to purchase a modified vehicle which Mike could drive and which transformed his quality of life. 

Mike was able to understand his artists and their work intuitively and in depth. This enabled him to assist. Dale Vn Marshall (now known as Dale DvNM Collins) to transition from the streets into the studio in a way which preserved who he was an an artist; as Dale puts it “as an artist, it felt real with Mike”. His opening Room 101 exhibition, held in a squat on Stokes Croft in Bristol, stands out as one of the more anarchic in the city’s history. All 101 works were sold in the first chaotic hour but, what in other hands might have quickly turned sour, was instead a joyously positive night thanks to Stef’s hard work and Mike’s ever present sense of humor.

Mike lived by the mantra ‘be better, not bitter’ and, in doing so, raised up those around him and the artists he worked with just a little bit higher. 

Credit: Luke Palmer Art-El

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