Travis Scott‘s fourth studio album Utopia The album has received a lot of praise. Scott will return to the road with the album in support for the very first time in the last three years.

Scott’s upcoming tour is a big deal for many fans. Utopia: Circus Maximus TourThe idea of a Scott Production is giving some people pause due to the Astroworld Disaster of 2021. There are many questions that come with the upcoming tour.

Travis Scott is on tour with Live Nation.

Live Nation in fact sponsors the Utopia Circus Maximus Tour. Live Nation/Ticketmaster is the largest entertainment company in the world, and thus, one of very few event production companies able to handle a fanbase as big as Scott’s.

Many fans are still worried about a possible repeat of the Astroworld The accident resulted in the death of eight people and injuries to others. Following Scott’s 2021 Astroworld Live Nation was sued by several festival attendees and their families in Houston. One plaintiff in particular is a prominent example. suing for $1 million in damages.

Live Nation did not indicate what they would do to prevent an accident. Astroworld Houston is not a part of the list. Utopia tour stops.

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