Update: Sources with direct knowledge about adidas’ plans for release have confirmed this. Hypebeast The model in question is It is not clear how to get there. The next step is a new beginning Anthony Edwards shoe. Stay You can read the key details in the original article to get a sense of when the AE 2 will be released (descriptors for the model have not been included).

Original Story: Anthony Edwards You can also find out more about the following: adidas Basketball shoes are a hot commodity. AE 1, EdwardsThe 2023-24 season will be the first year that the shoe is a signature model. NBA season. NowEarly reports on the AE 2 have begun to surface/

The previous report Sole Retriever The AE 2 is expected to be released either during the holiday season of 2024 or in the first days of 2025, with a MSRP price of $130 USD. This is $10 USD higher than his original signature model.

EdwardsOne of the NBA’s most promising young players, he is now leading the once-moribund NBA. Minnesota Timberwolves You can also find out more about the Western Conference Finals The first time since 2003-04, when they were driven Kevin Garnett — who, ironically enough, was an adidas Basketball athlete at the time — and even garnering comparisons to Michael Jordan Along the way Apart He’s known not only for his court-side accomplishments but also his personality. cheeky marketing campaign Near-universal acclaim accompanied the AE 1.

adidas has not yet made any official announcements regarding the AE 2. Stay tuned for updates as they become available.

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