Ambient Sunday with Knitting On Lucy, and SplitBrain x Rakesh Chaurasia

And back we come to Ambient Sunday. Today we have tracks from Knitting On Lucy, and SplitBrain x Rakesh Chaurasia.

Knitting On Lucy is Luna Bell-Jones, a UK multi instrumentalist and producer who draws on influences such as The Orb, System 7, Astralasia, Jean-Michel Jarre, Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Gong and Hawkwind.

Here’s new track Wolds. KOL says “I wanted to blend the serenity of the countryside with the industrial sound of Germany’s electronic music.” For those not from the UK, Wolds is “The Wolds is a term used in England to describe a range of hills which consists of open country overlying a base of limestone or chalk.” More here.

Sonically, this owes a lot to The Orb, opening as it does with birds and the rumble of a tractor. But it’s also dreamy and drifting. Synths soar but more like larks in open countryside. There’s little that’s truly industrial here. It does have elements of 70s synth pioneers in the hippyish sweep of the sounds.

A lovely addition to 90s The Orb classics.

Next up we have SplitBrain x Rakesh Chaurasia with something a bit more psydub on Framework no.13.

SplitBrain’s biog offers “I come from the drum” and offers “primal electro-shamanic beats” as a description of the track. So far so Megadog. But what lifts this above traditionally crusty fayre is Rakesh Chaurasia’s brilliant bansuri flute work.

This takes the track to somewhere quite inspired and uplifting. The beats thunder away in a rolling psydub fashion while the flutes look up and out, rather than down and in. The word mystical is widely overused in this sort of track but this is so good I’m forced to use it here.

Release your inner shaman with this questing and mystical track.

~ by acidted on September 17, 2023.

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