Texas crooner AJDaGuru is taking over the airwaves with his new single, “Seen It All.” Serving as the lead single on AJ’s upcoming debut studio album, A Different Side Of Me, Seen It All is guaranteed to give you chills. On the track, AJ addresses his experiences with grief and pain – in an attempt to heal listeners who can relate.

Music has always played a major role in AJDaGuru’s life. He relied on it to get him through difficult times. When asked what inspired Seen It All, AJ replied, “I was in the studio getting ready to lay down a track for A Different Side Of Me when I received a phone call that my cousin had been murdered in my hometown. Instead of descending into a depression, the death of my cousin inspired me to write a song that addressed all of the pain in my life. Seen It All allowed me to express my emotions, all while guiding me through the grieving process.”

Listen below.

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