If Right now, there are just two topics that are hot right now. AI You can also find out more about the following: country music. 50 Cent Has found a way of combining both by posting an AI-generated version of one of his most popular songs.

“My country album on the way,” He shared a video with a joke in his post. Pro Tools The session remix is a new version of the popular song. “Beyoncé ain’t got sh*t on me.”

YesThis is an AI generated Conway Twitty Singing 50’s breakthrough smash “In Da Club.” Is What type of fire is this? That probably depends on your personal taste, but … it sure is something.

At The comedian is taking a little break from roasting other stars, and instead letting himself become the punchline. His Last big use of AI for him was to trolling his business rival. DiddyBut the creepy AI Tupac He didn’t do any favors. He’s Have better luck terrorizing the Bad Boy Records The documentary by founder about Diddy’s Recent misdeeds picked up by Netflix After a bidding battle

HoweverIt’s not all sunshine for 50. He Recent news sued by his ex Daphne Joy Narvaez, who accused him a similar crime to that of his enemy Diddy. In He responded, “Response” countersued for defamation.

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