Businesses are always looking for new ways to improve customer service in the age of seamless connectivity. WhatsApp has revolutionized the way that businesses communicate, thanks to its global reach and easy-to-use interface.

Integrating this powerful message app with your Customer Relationship Management CRM tools can improve your customer service and outreach. What CRM platforms have the best WhatsApp integrations?

In this post, we’ll guide you through the top 5 CRM tools that seamlessly connect with WhatsApp, enabling you to manage customer interactions more effectively and leverage the power of unified communication. Let’s explore these solutions to help you make a more informed choice.


Salesforce WhatsApp inetegration

Salesforce has, since 2022, introduced a new way to enhance customer engagement, accelerate sales, and improve customer support outcomes through its “Marketing Cloud” and “Service” tools.

Businesses can now use WhatsApp to market and sell directly within conversations. This integration allows brands and customers to communicate in a fast, simple, and personal way. It makes it easier for them to answer questions, provide assistance, promote products, and address any inquiries.

This integration allows for personalized and conversational customer support using real-time information. Businesses can impress and satisfy customers with tailored experiences that are tailored to their needs. This integration also helps businesses automate their operations to scale efficiently. By utilizing AI-powered chatbotsCompanies can resolve issues quickly, automate inquiries and streamline business process.

Integrating WhatsApp with Salesforce also simplifies operations, consolidating voice and digital channels onto one platform. This unification ensures businesses can manage all interactions with customers, whether via voice calls, text messages, or other digital channels in an organized and efficient way.

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Zendesk WhatApp integration

Zendesk is a customer service solution that offers comprehensive support. Zendesk Agent WorkspaceThis allows users to integrate WhatsApp social message channels into the platform. This allows agents the ability to work efficiently across multiple Zendesk platforms within a single interface. They can address customer issues using the most appropriate channels, without being limited to the original contact channel.

Administrators can enable agents to manage support, messaging, chat, and talk conversations in the same ticket by activating this feature. Agents no longer need to switch to different dashboards to see and track customer issues. They can now see their entire work from a customer-centric perspective, which allows them to provide better and faster service. When configured, agents are able to receive and reply to web and social messages. They can better address the concerns of customers.

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HubSpot WhatsApp integration

Hubspot’s CRM platform integrates seamlessly with WhatsApp Business accounts, providing a user-friendly and efficient way to engage with customers. This connection allows for easy communication, conversation monitoring and relationship building. Businesses can send out welcome messages, automate cart reminders, or even send messages that are targeted based on the purchases of customers.

Hubspot and WhatsApp integration offers the benefit of managing all WhatsApp messages within a single shared inbox. This simplifies communication and makes it easier for companies to be organized. Hubspot’s platform also helps target customers with automated messages, ensuring they stay engaged and informed. Businesses can improve customer satisfaction by delivering tailored content.

Hubspot also allows you to see all WhatsApp conversations in the CRM platform. This visibility allows you to gain valuable insights about customer interactions and enhance your marketing strategy by using data-driven decision making.

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Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM WhatsApp integration

Integration of WhatsApp Business and Zoho CRM improves customer interaction, streamlines communication and enhances the overall experience. Businesses can connect these platforms to send messages directly from the CRM account. This will improve customer engagement and facilitate interactions.

For businesses to achieve this integration they need a Facebook Business Manager accountThe WhatsApp Business API requires a verified WhatsApp Business and a registered number. Zoho’s marketplace offers various extensions that can further enhance the capabilities of the WhatsApp-Zoho CRM integration.

One such extension would be Ultra WABA, which allows you to send WhatsApp messages simultaneously to several contacts by using ZohoCR filters. This feature allows you to save time and effort by reaching out to large numbers of customers.

Another useful extension is “WhatsApp API integration for Zoho CRM by” This extension enables businesses to set up Zoho CRM workflows to send automated WhatsApp messages based on specific criteria. This automates the sending of important messages, resulting in a better communication process.

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Freshsales WhatsApp integration

Last but certainly not least is Freshsales. Freshworks created this advanced CRM to help sellers close deals faster and more efficiently. Freshchat, one of its most prominent features, allows businesses the ability to provide excellent customer service using WhatsApp.

Freshsales integrates with third-party software to allow you to send and receive messages on multiple WhatsApp numbers. You can also collaborate remotely with your team, as well as access detailed customer information.

Freshsales also allows you to easily build and implement complex decision-trees on WhatsApp with their no code bot builder. The bots can handle repetitive tasks and provide instant, precise answers. This allows your team to focus on more important tasks.

Freshsales also allows you to send automatic notifications using templates, which include images, videos and documents for better communication.

WhatsApp Business Integration is only available in the Pro and Enterprise plans.

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