A professional email is incomplete without a signature. It’s like digitally signing a letter, but only better.

Unluckily, many professionals do not know the value of an email signature. A study based upon 700 million emailsOnly 52% of email signatures were present. It’s even worse that 70% of the email signatures were just a name, a profession and a company name.

Whether you’re a CEO or a freelancer, your email signature is what allows you to show your identity through each email you send. A great email signature is more than simply writing your name and occupation. You should also include links to social profiles and your website. Maybe even an attractive photo of yourself.

It isn’t difficult to create such email signatures. You can create a professional email in just a couple of clicks with the help email signature templates. To get started, download a template.

196 HTML Email Signature Templates

Some professionals use an image for their signature, while others prefer HTML. This bundle has been designed to accommodate both. The bundle contains 196 email signatures with 14 different color variations, 14 layout options and 196 templates. The templates are available both in PSD and HTML formats.

120 Responsive Email Signature Templates

This pack contains email signatures with a simpler, minimal design. There are 120 different email signature templates, with 12 unique signatures in 10 different colors. Each template is customizable in Photoshop or HTML.

Creative Email Signature Templates

If you’re a creative professional or freelancer, this email signature template is a perfect fit for your emails. It has a colorful, creative design to highlight your identity. The pack contains 4 different designs that are available in Photoshop (PSD), Adobe XD (Adobe XD), Illustrator and EPS.

360 Professional E-Signature Templates

360 Professional E-Signature templates is a collection of easy to use and customize email signatures. The 360 HTML files offer 30 layouts and 12 colors styles. This gives you a wide range of options to meet your personal or professional needs. Also included are responsive compatibility (including editable HTML), smart object specifications (free Google Fonts), detailed HTML help files, and user assistance. This modern, clean design pack does NOT include stock images.

Blue Minimal Email Signature

Blue Minimal Email signature is a professional and sleek creative asset that has a highly adaptable layout. It offers three layout options, as well as easily editable colors, shapes and vectors. This package contains a PSd file, Ai file and an EPS, which can be edited in Illustrator 17. Please note that images and fonts will not be included. This organized, high-resolution signature design will help you customize your signature.

Colourful Email Signature

Colourful Email Signature is an adaptable creative asset, ideal for a wide range of businesses – from webinars and education, to marketing promotions and digital agencies. This easy to edit, fully-layered design comes in Ai or EPS formats with high resolution and is ready to print at 300 DPI. The package doesn’t include a mock-up or images but makes free use of fonts.

Memphis Email Signature Template

Memphis Email Signature Template is a great way to personalize the email signature of your business. The Memphis style banner template allows you to customize your text, colors, logo, and social profile with ease. The template is available in both horizontal and vertical configurations. It also has vector shapes for easy scaling. Adobe Photoshop, XD Sketch or Figma are the best tools to edit. Please note: Preview images are not included with the download.

Vibrant Email Signature

Vibrant Email Signatures is a fully customizable, easy-to use template collection that’s perfect for corporate or personal designs. It comes from HYBER with a Figma document, a help file containing a hyperlink to a font and is well organized. With the easy drag-and-drop feature, you can edit email signatures of sizes 1200×600, 1200×400, and 700×800 pixels. Images are intended for preview only.

Modern Email Footer Signature template

Create professional email footers with this simple and beautiful template. This template can be fully customized. Photoshop allows you to change colors, fonts and images. It’s ideal for both corporate and creative professionals.

1000 Multipurpose Email Signature Templates

This massive collection of email signature templates will ensure that you never run out designs to create unique email footers. The pack includes 1000 templates, each with 50 unique designs for email signatures. Each design is available in 20 color combinations. These templates are also available in HTML and Photoshop formats.

Free Email Signature Templates Collection

Download this collection of beautiful email signatures templates for free. The pack includes multiple templates of different designs and layouts. These templates are available in EPS files that can be easily customized.

Free Gradient Email Signature Templates

This collection of free email signature templates is perfect for those who prefer vibrant and colorful designs. This collection includes several email signature templates in gradient color designs.

Dark Light Email Signature Template

The email signature template lets you create a footer for your email that is beautiful in both light and dark color schemes. This template includes three unique email signatures in both light and dark colors, with vertical and horizontal layouts. Customize them with Photoshop, Sketch Figma or Adobe XD.

Responsive Email Signature Template

It’s important to consider both mobile and desktop users when creating an email signature. That’s why this template comes in two sizes, one for desktop and one for mobile views. You can also easily customize the template to suit your needs.

4 Stylish Email Signature Templates

This template pack allows you to choose from four different styles of signatures for your emails. The template pack includes designs with signatures, images, and different layouts. Each template comes in different file formats so you can customize it using your favorite graphics program.

Clean Email Signature Template

You are looking for an email signature that is minimalist and clean? This template will be perfect for you. It has a simple, yet effective design for your email signature. You can add your own branding and still display your information professionally.

Traco - Email Signature Templates for Marketers

Traco includes a variety of different email signature designs. These templates are ideal for digital marketers and designers. They can also be used by bloggers. These templates are available in Photoshop and Adobe XD with fully editable designs.

Free Outlook Email Signature Templates

This free Microsoft Office email signature bundle is directly taken from their official template directory. This bundle includes an extensive collection of editable templates for email signatures that you can copy and paste directly into Outlook.

Free responsive HTML email signature

A simple HTML email signature template. This template can be easily customized to your preference and it’s free to download as well. This email signature will look great on desktop and mobile platforms thanks to its responsive design.

Modern Email Signature Template

This email signature template can be used to create a footer for an email that is modern and creative. This template is ideal for professionals who work in the tech industry and startups. It has a unique layout. The template is available for Photoshop, Figma and Affinity designer.

Corporate Email Signature Templates

The best design for email signatures in corporate business is a minimal, modern design. This template pack contains the best designs to make such email footers. In this bundle, you can choose from 3 different email signatures.

Ismail - Creative Email Signature Templates

Remember the envelopes used in olden days to send international mail? This email signature is based on a retro-inspired envelope design. It’s great for creating a fun and creative email signature. This template is available in two color variations and in Illustrator and EPS formats that are fully editable.

Email Signature Template for Freelancers

If you’re a freelancer, this email template will help promote your personal brand more effectively through each email. The template features a stylish design and space to upload a stunning profile picture. The template is available in both light and dark colors. The template can be edited using Sketch, Figma and other apps.

10 Effective Business Email Signature Templates

This is a collection for corporate agencies and modern businesses. It contains 10 unique email designs that are highly professional. Each template can be edited to suit your needs.

Seblue - Editable Email Signature Templates

This collection includes professional email signature templates that are suitable for businesses and corporate brands. This pack contains 6 different designs of template with various layouts. These templates are available as AI and EPS files. The templates are perfect for agencies.

Free HTML Email Signature Generator

Email signature generators can be used to create different email signatures, without the need to use a graphic editor. You can create email signatures using this free tool from Honeybook.

Free Email Signature Template Generator

The email signature generator can also be used to quickly create professional email footers. You can also choose between multiple design styles for an email signature that is tailored to your brand.

How to Create a Great Email signature

When creating an email signature, there are some things to consider in order to make it look more professional. Follow these tips to get started.

What Should You Include in your Email Signature?

You need to be very careful when designing your email signature. What information to include and what to leave out is important.

Your email signature should contain your name, your profession, the title/company that you represent, and your contact information.

Some people include their email address, or even a telephone number. You can add links to social profiles.

What Not to Include in Your Email Signature

Avoid putting too many details in your signature. This will make your email look cluttered, and your emails may even be marked as spam.

Don’t include too many links in the email signature. Maintain a minimal and clean layout. Also, avoid using a lot of colors.

Choose Fonts with Care

If you’re using an image-based email footer, then you can use any font you like. But, if you’re using an HTML email signature, you should pick fonts carefully. It is important to ensure that the font you choose will work with your email client, such as Outlook and Gmail. Also, make sure that fonts are available across different platforms.

Responsive design

Today, most people view emails using mobile devices. Some people use desktops and other email clients.

It is important that your email signature works well on all devices and platforms. A responsive email signature is always recommended.

Create a Consistent look

In addition, it is important that you represent your brand with your email signature. You can customize your email signature by adding your brand’s colors and logos. Also, if you’re creating an email signature for a business, you should create one that represents your brand and business across all emails.

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