For typography that has a handmade feel, pencil fonts are a great choice. They add a delightful and personalized look to designs that can’t be achieved with any other font.

Unlike most other types of fonts, it’s the imperfections of the hand-drawn lettering that give pencil fonts their unique identity. It’s what makes them an ideal choice for personal branding designs, children’s book covers, and greeting cards that evoke emotions.

We have collected a bunch of imperfect pencil fonts, which are ideal for all your design projects. This collection includes both premium and complimentary pencil fonts. Download them all.

Handodle - Hand Scribble Pencil Font

Handodle font is a pencil-style handwritten font. It has all of the necessary elements to be the perfect font. The letters are characterized by unique scribble strokes, which give the impression that each character was designed manually with a pen. The font is perfect for designing titles and text for everything from children’s books to social media posts, packaging designs, and much more.

Note Today - Handwritten Pencil Font

Note that Today is a handwritten pen font with a smoother letter design and clean strokes. The font maintains a slightly imperfect, hand-drawn appearance throughout each letter. This font can be used to add a more playful feel to your designs. It is also great for logos and business cards.

Sketchy - Rough Sketch Pencil Font

We sometimes draw the same letter more than once when writing with a pen. The writing is transformed into a drawing. That’s exactly what this pencil font delivers. It’s a rough pencil font with sketch-style letter designs. This font can be used for a variety of projects including hand-made ones, product labels and book covers.

SA Yesenin - Realistic Scribbles Pencil Font

This font is characterized by a distinctive style of lettering. SA Yesenin font has a more realistic appearance and feel. It is a scribble font with carefully crafted imperfections. It will make your text look as if it’s crafted by hand. It’s perfect for business cards, greeting cards, and wedding invitations.

Sketching Universe - Pencil Sketch Font

This unique pencil font will give your titles an appearance of a hand-drawn drawing. The font has chunky letters and a fill that is inspired by pencil sketches. This font gives your packaging, posters, flyers and banners a more handcrafted feel.

Sketch Written - Free Pencil Font

You can add a title in the sketch style to your design using this free font. This font features a beautiful lettering design that has a calm, soothing vibe. This font works well for posters, flyers and social media. It’s free to use with personal projects.

Free Sketch Pencil Font

This font is free and has a stylish, elegant letter design. It’s suitable for personal branding designs, business cards, name tags, and promotional ad campaigns. This font is available for free personal use.

Paintline - Hand Lettered Pencil Font

This hand-lettered pencil font has a unique approach. It is clean and minimalist, but has less imperfections than other pencil fonts. It has the same retro feel as a pencil typeface. It is a good choice for creating movie posters, book covers, video titles and logos.

Creative Sketchy Pencil Font

This creative pencil font with its chalk-style letters will make it easier for you to create titles, headings and other items that look hand-crafted. The set of sketchy letters will give your designs a more authentic appearance. It’s especially suitable for projects related to children.

Handmade Scribble Pencil Font

Scribble comes in three styles, including tiny, bold, and regular fonts. Each style can be used with different types of projects. The tiny font is characterized by thin lines and a minimalistic look. Regular fonts have a sketchy design. The bold font is characterized by thick strokes, which are ideal for large titles.

Pencil Pusher - Simple Pencil Font

Pencil Pusher has a simple, minimalist design with ligatures. The font is characterized by a smooth, clean design. It’s much more suitable for designing social media posts, quotes, custom t-shirts, and various other graphics with a hand-crafted look. It also comes with ligatures that you can play around with.

Kvltura - Unbored Scribbles Pencil Font

Kvltura has a modern, urban feel. It is a pencil-style font. It features unique letters in a hand-made style that fits perfectly with modern branding and advertising designs. The font contains 250 glyphs that include all-caps, alternates and ligatures.

Rock Slayers - Free Handwritten Pencil Font

Rock Slayers has a unique and handwritten style letter design. It is free to download. This font features all-caps with sketch-themed designs. It is free to use for personal projects.

Magical Candy - Free Pencil Font

This is another free font that has a minimalist and simple look. This font features pencil-style lettering with a beautiful flowing handwritten design. This font is only for your personal use.

Nafta - Extended Pencil Marker Font

Nafta, a font in the marker style, is also similar to pencil typefaces. It is imperfect with a sketchy feel. The hand-crafted strokes give each letter a personal touch. The font makes a good choice for large titles on posters and flyers. YouTube thumbnails, and social media posts are also great for using this font.

Pictum - Handwritten Pencil Font

Pictum’s design is stylish and nostalgic. It will work well for greeting cards as well as invitations, cards of business, and many other handcrafted items. The font features a pencil-drawn design, which adds a friendly and casual look to typography.

Boredom - Scribble Handwritten Pencil Font

This is one unique font that we have on our list. It has a realistic scribble style. This font has an unusual letter design that will make your titles and texts stand out. The font is ideal for playful and fun projects that need a more customized look.

Obsesi - Natural Handwritten Pencil Font

If you’re looking for a minimal and clean handwritten-style pencil font, this is the perfect choice for your project. The font features smooth strokes and a natural handwritten flow. This font includes uppercase, lowercase letters and lots of swashes to play around with.

Mightype - Casual Pencil Style Font

This font is very casual with a lettering style similar to a pencil. This font contains a collection of hand-lettered character that gives the font a similar look to a pencil font but with much cleaner strokes. Use it to create titles for social media, quotes, book covers and more.

She Lovely - Free Handwritten Pencil Font

You can download this free handwritten script. This font has a pencil style letter design that gives off a romantic and creative vibe. It’s perfect for greeting cards and wedding invitations. It’s free to use for personal purposes.

Free Pencil Typewriter Font

This free font creates a unique font by combining the look of typewriter and pencil fonts. This font has uppercase and lowercase letters with a handmade feel. The font can also be used in personal projects.

Efrancd - Handwriting Pencil Font

This font creates a different feeling depending on the way and where it is used. This font can create a dark and lonely feel to your text. Titles can be given a horror look. You can even give your titles a handmade look. It’s a brilliant pencil font with many uses. This font has lowercase and uppercase characters, ligatures, and alternates.

Handwritten Pencil Font for Quotes

This handwritten font was designed for quote designs. It is a font that has an imperfect look. This font will make your text appear more personal and authentic. It’s great for greeting cards and business cards too.

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